AKHSS Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Sherqilla District Ghizer 2021


Aga khan higher secondary school and aga khan school are the education institutes which are manged by the aga khan education planning. And in pakistan the word AKESP stands for aga khan education service pakistan.

In this we have have added few usefull information about the aga khan school situated in sherqilla north pakistan.The aga khan education system is  know as best educational system in sherqilla and as well as in all over the pakistan and in sherqilla their are two aga khan school .

1. main Campus

2. sub Campus

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Main Campus

The main Campus of agakhan school is know as "Agakhan High Secondry school " which is present in raheem abad sherqilla. near the main Campus their are different shop . if you do not know about it  , just ask about rahmat stationary shop , or akaram cable centerto any one  . because the high secondry school is infornt of these shop .

 In one side of road these shop are present and high secondry school inthe opposite side of them. for those sudent who are studing in agakhan high secondry school and they are away from their home . 

Their are differentlocal hostel present in sherqill for girl . form many year these hostel are running  and now the agakhan high secondry school is manufacturinga great hostel near it . where all the students of agakhan high secondry school will get admit .


Education level in main Campus

The faculity of main Campus agakhan school sherqilla made rules for The new student who like  to get addmission. the mainimum education level of student is class passed .

And when the new student want to take addmission in agakhan  high secondry school . he / she have to pass the entry test or interview to  get admit.the topics of entry test are  the combination of different subject like biology math , physics, chemistry , english .


Faculity  in main Campus

Their are many teacher from different area of pakistan teaching in agakhan high secondry school . but most of teacher area from different districts of  gilgit baltistan . To apply for teaching in agakhan high secondry school you must have a bachlor degree and relevent in those subject which the Campus  offers . the main subjects which we mostly   teaching in agakhan high secondry school are (bioloy , math ) and  computer teacher is also can require for them  because it is also very import for the student . 




Hostels for girls

In sherqilla their are many local hostels present for girls for agakhan high secondry school . mostly those girl who away from their home get admssion inthe hostels . But few girls of agakhan high secondry school who are from sherqilla also get admission in hostel . they think that in home their are many taskto do which distrubs their studing mode . 

And in hostel they peacefully study any time  no one can ask them for any task. their are three hostel for girls in shrqilla .one is present in near the city chook  , and it is also near to the agakhan high secondry school.second is present near the government girls school and third is present near the telenor tawar or near governemnt girls schools.



The security system of higher secondry school very well . their are two security guard  in higher secondry school they perfom their deuty shiftwise.They are responsible about different essue related to security . if their essue arrise by their lack of work he will becom responsible to reply the reasonto  the  head of secuirty system of higher secondry school.


Agakhan higher secondry school provide all the resource for their student . their is a huge library present in school where the student goes to study in their spare time.Their is computer lab present in school . the computer teacher carry the class to computer lab in his/her class time and show all the thing practically . 

Their is a big play grassy play ground present in agakhan higher secondry where the student go to play game. like foot ball , cricket , and vollyball etc in their sport period.More ever the school is creating a great hostel for their student  which is near to the school . just in three minutes a student can arrive in the school.  



Sub Campus

The sub Campus of agakhan school is present  near government girls school sherqilla . the school offer  study from  primary level to matriculaton  .  and most student from here pass agakhan high secondry school test  from sherqilla .Their are  trained  teacher present in this Campus who train a new student . the teacher are from sherqilla and and outside of sherqilla .most student of this school are well trained in English subject and also in speaking English do not urdu. because  their are  many subject studying in English by which the English language of a student can improve . 

Their are just two urdu subject including urdu and islamiat if the student did not learn them deeply .they cannot improve their urdu grammar. islamiat is the main subject of urdu religion so this school also have many trianed teacher who know about the quaran language . who translate all the arbic ayats to the student so that they can easily understand.

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