AKHSS Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Sherqilla District Ghizer 2024

Brief about Aga khan Higher Secondary School Sherqilla read complete

Aga khan higher secondary school and aga khan school are the education institutes which are manged by the aga khan education planning. And in pakistan the word AKESP stands for aga khan education service pakistan.

In this we have have added few usefull information about the aga khan school situated in sherqilla north pakistan.The aga khan education system is  know as best educational system in sherqilla and as well as in all over the pakistan and in sherqilla their are two aga khan school .

1. main Campus

2. sub Campus

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Main Campus

The main Campus of agakhan school is know as "Agakhan High Secondry school " which is present in raheem abad sherqilla. near the main Campus their are different shop . if you do not know about it  , just ask about rahmat stationary shop , or akaram cable centerto any one  . because the high secondry school is infornt of these shop .

 In one side of road these shop are present and high secondry school inthe opposite side of them. for those sudent who are studing in agakhan high secondry school and they are away from their home . 

Their are differentlocal hostel present in sherqill for girl . form many year these hostel are running  and now the agakhan high secondry school is manufacturinga great hostel near it . where all the students of agakhan high secondry school will get admit .


Sub Campus

The sub Campus of agakhan school is present  near government girls school sherqilla . 

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