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Monday, October 26, 2020

Brief About Pilot Secondry School Sherqilla



Pilot secondry school is  best school in sherqilla . their are many top secondry 

school including pilot secondry school  in sherqilla. the education system of this

 instution is well .


Their are two pilot schools

·      Main compus(secondry school)

·       Sub compus(primary)



Main Compus



pilot school

 the head of pilot secondry school main compus is Sir Hawas Ali he is also the 

head of sub compus. main compus of pilot secondry school is present in sherqilla

 near the muss phali .  or near the main jamat khana of sherqilla . their are 

many shop infornt of pilot secondry school like mashroof khan stationary shop  

, DR mir ahamad clinic , or more .  the education level in main compus is from 

nursary to secondry education for  both male and females .


Admission System

The admission system of pilot school  is under the rule of the school managers .

 this school have their  rule manager who are not all the  teacher of the school.

they are other target of selected people . they create rule for the school

 according to which the teachers teach the lesson and the staff do their work and the student follow the

instruction . the admission system of this school is also controled by them .

 if you are welling to get admission in pilot secondry school , you have to pass 

the entry test first and then interview donot worry this just a rule . 

  the test will not be much hard  and in interview they donot ask much difficult

 questions .



Student In Main Compus

students in class

 most student of pilot secondry school main compus  are from sherqilla .few student are also come to this school from near areas of sherqilla like 

dalnati gulapoor etc.

the student of pilot secondry are hard worker because their are many trained 

teacher present in the school who advice them . in every year many students 

pass the high agakhan high secondry  school test  ,



Teacher  Of Main Compus

most teacher studing in pilot secondry school are from sherqilla  rashmal 

and some are from muss phaliii and also from different areas of same village.

but few teacher are studing in pilot secondry school are from outside of sherqilla.

 in pilot secondry school each teacher have his/her own particular

subject which he/she will teach to his/her class  . like the  teacher of biology will 

not  teach mathamtics.    



Resource In Main Compus

their are many resource avilable for the student in pilot secondry school sherqilla. 

fresh class room for student where they pleasently study . tallented teachers  , 

if a student like he can improve his/her self  by their teacher advice. computer 

lab is also present in this school and  in each week the computer teacher carry 

his/her class to the computer lab to show practically the activities of differnt tools of 

computer .  and the computer teacher also teaches the student about the use of 

MSword , MSexcel  ,

Adeobe and other usefull tools of the comuter.more ever their is a big play 

ground of the pilot secondry school where the student goes to play different

 game like football , circket , and vollyball etc .   


Security System

For the security system of the school . their are two security guard 

present in  the main compus of pilot secondry school . the are 

responsible for the essue  related to security .

the managers gave room for them where they can live . from the two security  guards one 

perfom his deauty in day time and the 

other one perfom his deauty  in night time for the  safty of the school. 

their is no such bed situation happen  for now in the school  any time.


Sub Compus

The sub compus of the pilot secondry school is present in rashmal 

sherqilla , 

near the basha primary school rashmal. in this compus the children 

of small  class like nursary, prep  , class one and class two are studing from  near location 

such  as rashmal , das and ramasot .

 this compus of the pilot school is  also controlled 

by the manager of pilot secondry school main  and the principle  . 


to need the principle of pilot secondry school main compus sent 

teacher to the  sub compus . 

the course arrangment system is same as well as to the main . 

their is also a small play ground for the children of the sub compus in the school where 

they enjoy their sports day . 

the teacher of sub compus participate with the parents very much because this  compus spacilly for the children . 

 and the teacher know how to control the  children and how to teache them or in need 

they contact with the parents of each student.Incomplete Post help us to improve it   .

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