Brief About Pilot Secondry School Sherqilla

Brief About Pilot Secondry School Sherqilla read complete



Pilot secondry school is  best school in sherqilla . their are many top secondry 

school including pilot secondry school  in sherqilla. the education system of this

 instution is well .


Their are two pilot schools

·      Main compus(secondry school)

·       Sub compus(primary)



Main Compus



pilot school

 the head of pilot secondry school main compus is Sir Hawas Ali he is also the 

head of sub compus. main compus of pilot secondry school is present in sherqilla

 near the muss phali .  or near the main jamat khana of sherqilla . their are 

many shop infornt of pilot secondry school like mashroof khan stationary shop  

, DR mir ahamad clinic , or more .  the education level in main compus is from 

nursary to secondry education for  both male and females .


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