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Sunday, October 04, 2020

History Of The Biggest Village Sherqilla ,North Pakistan



 Chapor khan(sherqilla today name) is the most important valley of gilgit baltistan . It is also  the  beautiest valley in gilgit baltistan.

Its dense populated valley in District Ghizer.  and its population  is increasing day by day .  

but when think about the history of  chapor khan(sherqilla today name) means hundreds of year ago .

It was just like a land of forests . Because generally think in early no much people were in the valley at that time the resource of the valley were not much used .

 but few family who were  their they used them for the need . they did not used the resource of sherqilla for trade purpose .


Ruling in chapor khan(sherqilla)

We know that in ancient time in every area a ruler control the whole area know as king of that area . like in our subcontient  many muslim badishas (kings)

ruled for thousands of year. and at that time in the inner area of the subcontinent their were also   ruled by a different ruller .who control his spacfic area and check

about the problems of his area in which he is rulling .  like all other areas many rullers ruled in different areas of gilgit baltistan . chapor khan

(sherqilla today name)  is village situated in district ghizer in gilgit baltistan . where the raja peoples ruled in their time .



Raja Behaviour With Other Peoples

 Accourding to our elder  raja (means kings ) ruled in sherqilla  in early . its says that the raja did (zulum ) with the normal people of the valley .

if a person wear clean cloths and the raja saw. He oder him to changed them  . I think this is because the raja did not want any person look

clean like him in the social or in the enviroment .

secondly its also said that what the farmer grow like rice , wheat maize , etc . The raja oder them to share their half of product with them .

i included rice , wheat , maize etc  as product for the people because  in those time the people do farming and make their live . And they didnot

 have other industral products .

shortly i will say by the ruling process of raja the normal people were not happy.


Peoples Of  Chapor Khan( Sherqilla)

The peoples of chapor khan (sherqilla) were intrested in farming  so all the people of chapor khan (sherqilla) cultivate their land and they grow different

crops , which they used for their  living . Secondly they were uneducated but few people may know about the importance of education .  but most of them

did not aware from eduction so they work under the ruller and they follow the instruction of the ruller . They did all the tasks what the ruller told .


Culture And Relgion

In ancient time  sikhs people and hindus were settled in this area but they left the area of any reason . (according to olders  ) .

but  muslims  lived in chapor khan (sherqilla)  and seprate their culture and religion .



End of Raja,s Rulling

In 1975 when priminister zulfiqar ali bhoto won the election . he came to gilgit biltistan and different areas (villages ) of gilgit baltistan . He saw that  the people

are rulled by unwanted ruller . And their people are unhappy with the ruller of their area . zulfiqar ali bhotto oder to colse the king rulling (badishat ) system .

 and introduced democratic system in gilgit baltistan  . According to this system all people of the area are equal no one can oder to anothe for any thing  or any task.

and zulfiqar ali bhotto also introduced the system of election firstly .

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