History Of The Biggest Village Sherqilla ,North Pakistan

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 Chapor khan(sherqilla today name) is the most important valley of gilgit baltistan . It is also  the  beautiest valley in gilgit baltistan.

Its dense populated valley in District Ghizer.  and its population  is increasing day by day .  

but when think about the history of  chapor khan(sherqilla today name) means hundreds of year ago .

It was just like a land of forests . Because generally think in early no much people were in the valley at that time the resource of the valley were not much used .

 but few family who were  their they used them for the need . they did not used the resource of sherqilla for trade purpose .


Ruling in chapor khan(sherqilla)

We know that in ancient time in every area a ruler control the whole area know as king of that area . like in our subcontient  many muslim badishas (kings)

ruled for thousands of year. and at that time in the inner area of the subcontinent their were also   ruled by a different ruller .who control his spacfic area and check

about the problems of his area in which he is rulling .  like all other areas many rullers ruled in different areas of gilgit baltistan . chapor khan

(sherqilla today name)  is village situated in district ghizer in gilgit baltistan . where the raja peoples ruled in their time .



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