Primary And Secondary Schools In Phandar , District Ghizer

Today in this post we will talk about Primary And Secondary Schools In Phandar , District Ghizer here we have added many school from all over the phan


Phandar is present in the north pakistan in District Ghizer . Phandar is  most beautiful place in the north of pakistan.You must read the post Places In Phandar To Visit In 2021. Many peoples of phander are uneducated they are interest in farming and most peoples of phander do jobs in Pak army . But now in 2020 the youth of phander are very talented and they know about the importance of education. And their are many private And Govt Schools In Phandar Today.Their is not a univeristy and a high eduation center present in the phandar but their are their are many Primary And Secondary level educations centers in phandar.


diamond jublee school phandar


Gulakhmuli is the most beautiful village in phandar valley . the pepoples of gulakhlmuli are hard worker . their are many student in gulakhmuli . they goes to near city for high education .In gulakmuli their are main three schools including Model High School gulakmuli . their are many talented teachers in this schools this school offer all type of subject for study for primary to middle level .another schools is 

gov primary school gulakhmuli most peoples of gulakhmuli  sent their children,s to govt due to lack of money because in village peoples are not not much rich . but some children,s who,s father is retired from army of those children,s study in local schools . and also those children.s who,s parents work on any field they study in local schools. In this two schools children,s from gulakhmuli , gulakhtori , harkus ,  teru comes . 

dj middle school teru





Gulakhtori is present in phandar. we know that in village most schools are non constructed as well. so in gulakhtori  . their are many schools . Their is only one school in gulakhtori .that is govt schools . name of schools is govt boy high school gulakhtori  . most student of gulakhtori goes to this school . but girls of gulakhtori goes girls schools in gulakhmuli . and those parents who like to send their children,s to local schools . which is present in gulakhmuli named as Model High School. In this schools most student are coming from gulakhtori , gulakhmuli  harkush and teru .


fg high school phandar




we know that handarp is a beautiful valley in phandar. their is a lake which is also attractive place for visitor . secondly if we talk about the education centers in phadar . Handarp is another valley present in phander . their are two main schools in handarp . first is Govt Boy Middle School handarp  . Here is co education  because their is not any govt schools for girls in handarp so the girls of handarp also goes to this schools .their is also another schools in handarp named as  Model Middle School handarp this schools is for just middle class students .  in these two schools the student are mostly come from handarp.



diamond jublee school



Teru is a small village in phander valley .Most student of teru goes to their near side village for study , but their are also two schools in teru . one is DG High School teru it is local schools .the conditon of these both schools in teru are not much good .and another is govt schools in teru . 

And another schools is Govt Middle School Teru this is govt schools where both male and female study . most student from barsat also come o these schools for study.



Student of barsat goes to near village like teru , gulakhtori and gulakhtori to study but their is also two schools in gulakhtori . one is Govt Primary School its govt schools where girls and boy study . another schools in barsat is DG Primary School it is local school present in barsat . most student  in both school are just from barsat . 





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