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Friday, October 02, 2020

Education system in sherqilla

Sherqilla is a beautiful valley present in the north of pakistan. Their are many beautiful palces to visit in sherqilla. Never miss these five beautiful palces in sherqilla.the people of sherqilla are  working  advance on  the way of education . Parents sent their children,s to schools and colleges . Because they now that education the important part of every persons life . Today their are many government school and local schools present in sherqilla for school student. Their are also colleges for secondry student .


Schools in sherqilla are given below:

1. Aga khan higher secondry school

2. Pilot secondry school

3. Govt school for boys

4. Govt schools for girls

5. Govt primary school


Primary schools in sherqilla

Their are many primary schools in sherqilla where the student our childrens go  to get education. These primary schools government schools and local school. Most students goes to govt in sherqilla . Such as their are many student in govt schools for boy and in govt school for girls as compare to

Local school . According to this we understand that the most people sent their childrens to govt schools . This is due to poority in village .


Gov school for boy

Govt school for boy sherqilla offer education for pirmary to matriculation . So the student of  can get admission here for education secondly the their are many student studing from which  many student are from sherqilla and few are from out side of sherqilla . The student who are comming to sherqilla for study , maybe their is no any school or govt school in their village .  


Govt school for girls  

For the education of girl in primary level their are many schools including local and govt . Govt schools for girls is present near agakhan school sherqilla.

The number of girls in primary level is very in govt school as compare to middle level seconday . Because every parent sent their children to school for education but most  parents do not sent their to school secondary education due to lack of resource .


Pilot school sherqilla

For primary education in sherqilla their are two pilot schools . The head of pilot school create sub compus of pilot school for small childrens who are comming to school and their home is away from schools . The sub compus is present in rashmal sherqilla . Where near student of  the that area goes like as from das and ramasot or rashmal. This school is for just primary education.


Sap school

Another shool in sherqilla is sap school it is a govt school . This school is present in sherqilla das near  sultan abad jamat khan .

The setup of this school is not enough large . And this school offer class from one to fifth class . Mostly the students from das and near to the school goes to this school.


Secondry schools in sherqilla 

Agakhan school

For scondary eduation their are two agakhan schools in sherqilla  . One is the main compus of agakhan school present near the new bridge .

And another is prsent near govt school for girl . Here different many student goes from sherqilla . But most student in this school are out of sherqilla. Such as from yasin , phander , ghizer , hunza all over gilgit balitistan .


Govt school for boy

Their is one govt school for secondary education  in sherqilla . Many  boy from sherqilla goes to government school for education .their are many student come from out side of sherilla for secondry education.


Govt school for girls  

Their is one govt school for girls for secondry education . Students from all over the sherqilla valley goes to this schools for seconary education and most students from outside of sherqilla also comes to this govt school.


Pilot secondary school sherqilla

Pilot secondary school offer also offer secondary education . Their are many student male and female come to get education . Most student in this school are from sherqilla . Few student including girls and boys comes from outside of sherqilla from education .



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