Govt Schools In Sherqilla

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We know that govt schools is free for all . Every one can get education free of cost and parents can save their money .if parents are poor then mostly choose govt school for their children for education . There are many school in sherqilla including government schools and local schools . Their are total four government schools in  sherqilla .


The teacher of  government school are very intlligent and hard worker they always coporate with the student and help the student in their study .


Govenment schools in sherqilla are as under 

1. Govt school for boy

2. Govt schools for girls

3. Govt primary school

4. Sap school 


Govt school for boys

The governemnt school for boy is present in near old bridge . And its also near to pilot secondry school . I you wanna to go their just ask about the zahid easypaisa wala,Then follow the way. 


Students in govt schools for boy 

Student of govt school are mostly from sherqilla  , because we know that sherqilla is a village and peoples donot have much money so that they can pay fee for each child. Because in village we know that their is the concept of joint family one person earn money and other did not. And the villages near sherqilla where government schools are are not avilabe and so the parents of those villages sent their children to this schools so that they can education .

We know that  teacher of govt school are well telented so many educated people sent their childrens to govt  . Because they know their are most knowleged teacher . They have enough money but they donot sent their childrens to local school . Because they understand that teacher who are in govt are better then local schools .


Govt school for girl 

The governemnt school for girls  is present in near agakhan school  sub compus .   It is also named as (banzeer bhoto shaheed school). Most of student in this school are from different areas of sherqilla . Few student are come from outside of sherqilla to get education here. Like many student come from gulapoor  , dalnati etc to sherqilla to get education.     


Govt primary school(ba sha school)

It is govt primary school . Present in rashamal ramasot. Their are few students studying. Most student in this school are comming from near areas of the schools or from das and ramasot.


Sap  school for(primary) 

This is also govt school . It is present khi  das ramasot. Their are maximum 100 student studying here. Most students are comming from das to study.


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