All Govt And Private Hospitals Present In Phandar , District Ghizer

Read about Health Centers in Phander

Phandar is situated in the north of pakistan. their are many beautifull places in phandar 2021. We know that its is very imporant to have a single hospital in every area . But in pakistan most villages are lack of resource . And their are not much the facilities like hospitals and education centers.Read our post about education centers in phandar. For hopitality peoples of the village carry their patient to out side the village of the near village where the facility of the hospital available. 

Doctor checking a patient

Secondly the lack of education center also cause much problems . Small chidren from a village to to the near village for study due to the lack of schools in their village . 

In most areas of gilgit baltistan . Their are  manly two type of hospital available .from which one is aga khan hospital . The aga khan health center are present in many area of gilgit baltistan.


The doctor in this hospital are very talented. Secondly we know that theirs another type of hospital in every areas of phander which is govt hosptial . And govt hospital is present in every area of gilgit baltistan. 

But in some areas of gilgit baltistan . Theirs not a hospital their a dispensary available for the people .with the help of govt of gilgit baltistan and aga khan organization their are many care center  build in different areas of phander .  Most of care center are govt care center and agakhan care center.

Their are many areas in phander where the facility of health care is not available .  Which cause disturbance .

If their is a good hospital in barst why the peoples comes to teru for treatment . Means that their is not a good health care center in their area. In some time it cause serious issue . Mean the lack of hospitals cause death . The areas of phander with health center with brief description are as under .

Hospitals In Gulakhmuli and gulakhtori


Health center is the most important facility of every for every people and the govt responsible to provide this .their is one govt hospital present in gulaktori . The peoples of gulakhmuli also goes their for treatment . Their also an agakhan hospital present between gulakhmuli and gulakhtori . 

And now we will mention that from where people also comes to these hospital . Not from gulakhtori and gulakhmuli. I added two big villages togather in this post named as gulakhtroi and gulakhmuli .these two village are seprate village some is present above the river and it is know as gulakhtori. 

And another is present below the river river which is know as gulakhmuli.. And these two villagea are very near two each other and peoples from one village can go to a hospital from one village to another .but when we talk about other village and their people who also comes to hospitality in these hospital . 

Most peoples from handarp also come  to these two hospital because the is not any proper hospital for patients . The peoples of teru and barst are also come to these two hospital for treatment. Some time the peoples from center phander carry their patient to these two hospital .


Hospitals In Teru 

This is a small village in side area of phander . The are not much facilities available for the peoples of teru. And when we talk about health centers in this valley . And when we goes to hospitality in this valley we will not find much hospital in this area. There is only one hospital in teru that is govt hospital .

The govt hospital also contain clinic from where the people can buy tablets .barst is near village to teru and  from teru and barst and their is still not any facility for hospitality so the peoples of barst also comes to govt hospital teru . 


And most peoples from teru goes to the village near to it from hospitality . Incomplete post i will improve all about the whole area next time  . 

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