List Of All Hospitals Present In Baltistan Division In Gilgit Baltistan

Health centers in rondo baltistan read complete

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Rondo is present in Divison Baltistan in north of pakistan .Today we are talking about the health centers present in district rondo.  their are many health centers present in rondo . some of them are govt hospital which are present in most areas of rondo. some of hospital are not govt hospital but they perfom their deuty very well .this hospital which are not govt hospital they are know as aga khan hospital  and other private names .

Move ever their are many dispensaries available in each villages of district rondo . secondly we know that they medical center and shop are present in every areas where people can goe to treatement .  

Below i added different areas of rondo district baltistan with the available health centers in each area. 


When we talk about hospital in bilamik .Their is one Govt hospital available in bilamik .their is not a private hospital in bilamik.most pople of this areas goes to this hospital for treatement . and when the condition of a patient is very serious the doctor sent the pateint to a city or to a near hospital for treatement.and all the people this village depends on this hospital.  their  are many talented doctor available in this hospital .their is one dispensary in bilamik. and now the govt of gilgit baltistan trying to create another hospital for the peoples of bilamik according to thier need.



In harpon their is one Govt hospital in harpon . and their is also not any private hospital in harpon. all the people of harpon come to treatement and also the peoples from bilamik  carry their patient to the hospital which iis in harpon.  and also the near areas of people bring their patient here .



In shot their is one Govt hospital in present.  most the people from all over the village know as shot carry their pateint for treatement here . becaue this no more areas for hospitality in shot.their is not any private hospital in shot .

Their is one dispensary present in shot. and the clinic are also present in shot.

Peoples from bilamik also comes shot for treatement . and the peoples from  harpon also carry their patients here for treatment .



In thoar their is not any govt hospital .thier is a single  Civil hospital in thoar .most pateint of thoar goes to near villages and and also toward cities for treatement when the condition is very poor. their is also a dispensary present in thoar . 

most peoples from the below area come to treaement in thoar 

1. alu 

2. balmik

3. tormik 

4. mandi 

5. istak

and when the conditon of the patient is very bad the doctor sent the patient to city for cure ..



when we talk about the health center in tormik . Their is a Govt hospital present in tormik.and their is not any private hospital in tormik . i think their is also one dispensary in tormik . in this hospital most people from the same village comes to treatemnt. and the peoples from this village also goes to near villages for treatement also.  



Their is a Govt hospital present in gange .their is not any private hospital in gange. thier is one dispensary also available in gange. thier are few clinic in gange. most people from gange come to this hospital for treatement . 



Their is not any hospital in istak not govt and not any private. 

their may be a dispensary for patient .peoples of this areas goes to treatement to the near hospitals .

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