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Many year ago peoples of nagar are not not much educated and they did not know about their benfit. But in 2020 peoples of nagar are very talented they know what is wrong and what is good for them . so they always choose the right way from themself.




Chat is village of nagar. Many student of peoples are studying .but some student face financial problems so that they so work for live. Their are two schools in chalt  one is  Degree college . in college many student of chalt are studying and also student from near area also come . second is  high school . their are many talented student this schools . and teacher of this schools are also teaches well. Their is one  primary school in chalt .



In chaprot their is only one primary school means the student of chaprot only learn for primary level in their own village .but to get high education they also go to near village for matriculation and or for intermediate degree . and for their university life they goes to city near them . and those people who have financial support they goes foreign for study .




In skindar abad their is one high school from where student get matriculation degree . their is one middle schools for student and their is one primary schools .for college study the student of this area goes to near area to study . or some from this area goes to gilgit for study .




Their are total three schools in jaffar abad one is middle schools and and their are two primary schools . its says that is also one middle schools is under construction in jaffar abad . but now form matriculation and intermediate the student goes to near schools and colleges for study .



Their is one high school for student of nilt . their are two primary schools in nilt and their is one USA public schools. Mean that the student of this valley can study for matriculation in their own valley .



Their is only one primary school in gulmit . and their is also one middle school in gumit .I did not visit to gulmti if this area is small these two schools are good for them but if the valley is valley is large student can face many problem . a small children cannot cover large distance.



Their is one high schools in pissan . and their are two primary schools in pissan . and their is not any college in pissan so the student of this vally goes to near areas for their study .



Their is one high school in maicher . and their are two pirmary schools in maicher . still their is not any college in maicher . so these student also goes to near areas for continues their study .



Their are two high schools in phekar . and their are three primary schools in phekar . and their also a school and as USA public schools in phekar . after matriculation the student goes to near valley for higher study .


SAS Valley

Their are two colleges in SAS valley . their are three middle schools in this valley . and also six primary schools in SAS valley .so their is not tension for the student because their are also two college and many schools .


Nagar khas

Their is one Colleges and two high schools in nagar khas . their are two middle schools and also five primary schools and their is also  USA public schools present in this valley .



Their are two high schools and three primary schools. So those student who passed their matriculation they will go to near area to continues their study.



Their is one middle schools I did not visit their. So for matriculation and for intermediate the student will go to near  area for continues their study .

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