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Rondo is present in Giligt baltistan in baltistan divison .  the people  of  rondo are very telented and most people of rondo are educated . their are many education center including collges primary schools and secondary school . 

as we know that our country pakistan cannot fullfill the requirement of all of its areas as particully we are from the side area know as gilgit baltistan.and in our baltistan division people face all types of problems such as ecnomical problem . such as educational problem and lack of education centers in our baltistan divsion . and lack of hospital in our baltistan divsion .

these all poblems cause poor ness among the people . because if their are all the resource available in the same area we donot go to the side area . which make our our ecnomy lack. 

and this post is about education centers  in rondo baltsitan i have added few of areas with number of schools in the area .



Their is on Middle school for boy in bilamik . their is also  middle school for girls. Their are three public schoos ,and thier are three girls primary schools in bilamik .most students from the same village come to these schools for study. and most student from this village goes to near village for high education.such that the student of bilamik goes to harpon.



Their are two public schools and a high schools for boy . more ever their is a high school where boy and girl both study. Their is also a middle schools (co education) .and their is one primary school in harpon .most student of bilamik also comes to harpon for study. their are middle schools in this village means the student can do their matriculation fromthe same village . but for secondry education they goes to cities of or toward those areas where they find collges . so that they get the high education.



Their is a local school in shot named as Al mustafa public school . their is one high school for in shot . most student from this area goes to near area for study . the education centers in this area are not much good .so most student from shot goes to haropn and bilamik to study.



Their is a college in thowar.and their govt high school and  karmat public school in thowar.  More ever their is model school in thowar .their is also a local school named as  huswa school (co education) in shot. And their are also five primary schools in shot .

Their is also a local colelge green hill school or college present in thowar . most student From bilamik ,harpon , and shot come to this area for study .



Their is a govt High school (co education) in tormik . their is one middle school and two primary school in tormik . for college life most student from this areas goes to near areas for study .



Their is a govt High school (co education) in gange .their is also a middle school in gange . their are three primary school also in gange . like the student of tormik student of this area also goes to near area for college education.



Istak is a small village present in rondo district in  baltistan divisoin.Their is one middle schools in istak . and their is also one primary school in istak . 

in these school most student come from istak .as we say that their are middle and primary schools in the student of these area when they pass their matriculation they goes to the near areas to continous their study.

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