Hospitals In Thirteen Famous Areas Of Nagar North Of Pakistan

Important health centers in district nagar read complete


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We know that hospitalty is is the requirement of every perosn. hospitals are the requirement of every areas . but unfortunatly in our country we face many problems  due to the lack of requriements . we are from gilgit baltistan which is present in the north of pakistan . and their is much poorty present in our village and our side areas . when we talk about the cities of gilgit baltistan their we found many resource for the peoples . but in the side ares of our gilgit their are not much facilitiies for the peoples . 

today we are talking about the health centers present in disttrict nagar.  

In most important place of nagar their are many hospital with high facility . but as compare to these in side areas of nagar I think there are just dispensary in which the people depends.



It is the popular valley of nagar most peoples from different areas comes for work and to make money.thier are many big and small hospital present in district nagar . but he most popular one is  govt hospital for patient in chalt 10 bade hospital.most peoples from the chalt carry their patient to this hospital for treatement . and also  from the side areas peoples carray their patient to this hospital for treatement.  

And their are also many dispensary present in chalt .




Their is not a big hospital in chaprot . but their is One gov dispensary avilable for patients .those patients who are serious they carries to chalt and near hospital. most peoples chaprot carry their patient to this hospital and also peoples from the near carry their  patient to chaprot hospital. and when the codition of patient is very week the doctor of chaprot sent the patient to city for treatement . 


Skindar abad

Their is big govt hospital in skindar abad which is build few years ago . it is  30 bade hospital . so their is no tension about the patient for lack of place . and their are very talented govt doctor present in this hospital .



Their is one govt Dispensary present in jaffar abad . at came to said that govt also plained to built a hospital  . so that people from near area jaffar abad also come here form remedy .


Their is one govt Dispensary in nilt so many people goes to near hospital for remedy .  



Their is also one govt dispensary in gulmit . if the condition of patient is not much serious this doctor in this dispensary give tablet .but in some time a serious patients bring the doctor oder the to carry the patient to near hospital . because what the doctor do they are not much facilities their.  



Their is one govt hospital in pissan . it is Ten bade hospital . their are also dispensaries in pissan.



Their is One govt dispensary in piyachar so most people carry their patients to near hospital to checking.




Like piyachar their is also one govt dispensary in phakar . and these people also carry their patients to near hospital .


SAS Valley

Their is a govt hospital in SAS valley .

It is ten bade hospital. And their are three dispensary in SAS valley .


Nagar khas

The biggest hospital of nagar valley is in nagar khas . their is a Thirty bade hospital in nagar khas . and their are many trained doctor present in this hospital . for each type of illness here you will find doctor. Their are also many dispensary present in nagar khas .


Their is a govt hospital in hoper .It is ten bade hospital and their is dispensary in hoper .



Their is not  hospital in hisper . but here is one govt dispensary . which is for emergency patients.

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