Available banks Daniyore gilgit

Available banks Daniyore gilgit read complete


This post is about Avaliable bank in Daniyore Gilgit . today in this post i will try to mention the whole bank which are present in daniyore. Their are many bank available in Daniyore chook .few bank are present in side areas of daniyore.


Below i have added few  important banks in daniyore are given below.


ü Sunair Bank

ü Habib Bank Limited

ü  Habib Metro Bank

ü KCBL Bank


1. Sunari Bank

Sonari bank is the most important bank in gilgit baltistan.their are branches of sonari bank in gilgit baltistan. such as in jutial it sonari bank is present near the zulfiqar abad road. in gilgit the sonari bank is present in gilgit om pharii . and  if we talk about the availablity of sonari bank in daniyore . 

yes it is present in daniyore. In daniyore sunari bank is  present near the main chook of daniyore .or near the back market chook . the KCBL  bank is present near to the Sunari Bank daniyore.



2. Habib Metro Bank

Habib metro bank is the most famous bank in gilgit baltistan like all the other bank. it is available to all the customer in all over the gilgit baltistan. like in jutal it is present in two place one is present in near radio pakistan and another is present near the public chook. when we talk about this bank in gilgit main bazar it is available in the madina market . or in the back side of dar plaza . by which we understand that There are many habib metro bank available in  gilgit and peoples of gilgit do their task easily with the help of any branch.

 in daniyore Habib Metro Bank is present in the main chook of 

daniyore . the is also another bank near to it which is HBL Bank . the 

main chook of daniyore or very near to back market road .



3. Habib Bank Limited

HBL is the most standard bank in our pakistan. their are many branches of HBL available in all over the country.and if we talk about gilgit their are also many branches of HBL present in gilgit .two branches of HBL bank are in jutial gilgit. from which one is near to public chook and another is near to radio pakistan. and in gilgit bazar HBL bank is available to the people in NLI market .

 but if we talk about the availablity of HBL bank in daniyore . 

 In daniyore Habib Bank Limited is present in the main chook of daniyore . The Habib Metro Bank is also present near to the HBL Bank of daniyore. Their are many other shops present near these bank . you can ask to any one about these banks.


4. KCBL Bank

There are many branches of KCBL bank all over the gilgit. i think their are total five 

brances of KCBL bank in our Gilgit. the full form of KCBL is karakoram coprative bank 

limited. from the five branches of KCBL one is present in daniyore second is present in gleet om phari third is present in NLI market for is present in karakoram international university. and the last the most imporant and the main bank of KCBL is in sakwar in jutial gilgit.

it is mostly present in Gilgit . it is not a international bank .

 it is local bank and it is present in gilgit and other cities of gilgit baltistan. this post is 

about daniyore so we will talk about the availablity of KCBL bank in other areas in our next posts. 

The direction to KCBL bank is given below

in daniyore  KCBL Bank is present near the Sunari bank in daniyore.and it is present in 

the side road of daniyore which straight goes to the karakoram international university .

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