List Of Available Banks Jutial,Gilgit

List Of Available Banks Jutial,Gilgit read complete


Their are many  bank in jutial gilgit most of them are private bank . in this post i tried to mention the whole bank which are in jutial gilgit. and also added the few decreption to each   bank so that if you are new to the bank and you want to go the bank you can get help form this post . 

list of banks in jutial gilgit















 1. Sonari Bank

In jutial sunari bank is present near the Zulfiqar Abad Chook.their is also is also a good hotel near the sunari bank named as china hotel .and this bank is between the public chok and zulfiqar abad chook .


2. Bank alfala

The main bank of alfala is available in gilgit inside the NLI market . in jutial Alfala Bank is present in near the Radio station of Gilgit baltistan . secondly their are also many other bank available in alfala bank . like habib bank and hbl bank . and these are also near to ZS Plaza in jutial which is very famous plaza or shoping mall .


3. Bank HBL

The main branch of  HBL Bank is present in NLI market . In jutail HBL Bank is present near public chook and near the allied bank  .the soilder board is also present near to it.and the lalik jan stadium is also their.


4. Bank Habib metro

The main branch of Habib Bank is present In Madina Market in back side of NLI market . in jutial Habib Metro bank is present near ZS Plaza and very near to Habib Bank Limited .


5. Bank allied

 The jutial branch of allied bank is present near the public chook . 

thier is also another bank hbl and habib metro bank near to allied 


6. Bank askari

In jutial the bank askari is present is present near the computer home market . and it is present in radio pakistan chok in jutial gilgit.


7. Bank ubl

In jutial UBL bank is present in front of HBL bank . it is also near to ZS Plaza in jutial and radio pakistan .


8. National bank

In jutial national bank is present near the NCC College jutial . and it is between the zulfiqar abad chok and radio pakistan chok .


9. Bank of punjab

In jutial bank of punjab is present near the public chock of jutial. Their is a computer cafe near the the punjab bank . and also a photo copy shop . the also also a famous plaza named as Gulashar plaza near the punjab bank .



10.  Bank of sindh

In jutial sindh bank is present inside the ZS Plaza in jutail . their are many other bank like faisal bank HBL Bank etc near to it.


11. Faisal bank

In jutial Faisal bank is also present the ground floor of ZS Plaza . their also another bank in ground floor named as Sindh Bank present in the ground floor of ZS Plaza.



12. Bank Islamic

This is very famous bank in pakistan like all the other bank of pakistan. in jutial bank islamic is present very near to the Army public school . and if you are new and you did not know about this school also just ask about the khomar chook and it is very famous chook of jutial . ask to any one the he will guide you to reach here.

13. MCB

I think this bank is new in jutial . and it is constructed between three year in jutail . in jutial this bank is present in public chook. and it is very near to salman garment in public chook . their are many other branches of bank MCB in gilgit like in gilgit is is present in kashort very near to NLI chook.

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