Sonari Bank And Three Brances Of Sonari Bank In Gilgit Baltistan



Sonari bank is the most famous bank of pakistan . the branches of 

sonari bank is present in every city of pakistan and now also in 

some village . the most use of sonari bank is for online transaction . 

yes  the master card of sonari bank is used for online transaction.

when we talk about the sonari bank gilgit baltistan .here we find 

may sonari bank in different areas .such as in daniyore sonari bank 

is present near the back market chook. in jutial sonari bank is very 

near to zulfiqar abad chook. and in gilgit sonari bank is present in 

gleet om phari.

below i have added all the brances of sonari bank in gilgit baltistan .


list of sonari banks in  gilgit baltistan


üGligit branch

üDaniyore branch

üJutial branch




this is the main bank of sonari in gilgit baltistan . most task and most problems are solved here . when i have i prolem with my master car i went to daniyore branch in gilgit but they did not help to resovle the problem then i came to the main sonari bank in gilgit . the the team of this bank ask few question about my and then they resolve my problem .this bank is the main bank of sonari in gilgit about which i talked now . 

In gilgit the main sunari bank is present in gilgit omphari. Or in the

gilgit  omphari it is located near the jumma masjid or near to the 

kashmari bazar in gilgit .



In daniyore sunari bank is present near to the main chook of daniyore . in the main chook it is very near to the back  market road . when you came to the back market road donot go inside the back market it is present the chook as about the bank from some one he she will guide you .



In jutial sunair bank is available zalfiqar abad chook . their is another bank when you are goes toward the gilgit which is national bank . and this bank is between national bank and public chook .


Creating account in sunari bank

Now we will talk about how to create account in sonari bank to create account in sonari bank  we need the following the

Applicant Cnic copy

this is your CNIC or your national identity card . if you are eighteen year old and you did not have your own CNIC card you can create it for you . to create your CNIC card just go to your near Nadira office. 

along with their requirements.

Applicant father cnic copy .

this is your father CNIC or national identity card .which you must carry to create in sonari bank.with out this card they will not create account for you.

Applicant profession certificate .

it is the most common problem for student like me when i tried to 

create account my me in sonari bank they did not create account 

for me they told they a person with out profession cannot have a 

bank account .

 then i carried my father profession certificate to create 

first in sonari bank . so if you are student and you also stucked you 

can also follow the same process. 

Note:student cannot create account directly in sunari . he must have a valid profession certificate or any other income source.


Account for student in sunari bank :

If you are a student and want to create account in sunari bank

1. Copy your father income certificate to add with doc.

2. And another method that if you are working in a shop you can

also carry  the pay slip of your shop or bill paid with signature of the admin.




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