Nine Most Famous Places Of Nagar Gilgit Baltistan For International Visitors

Tourist points in nagar read complete

beautiful nagar



Nagar is the most beautiful valley of Gilgit Baltistan .it is present near hunza valley . these nagar and hunza are both most beautiful valleys of gilgit baltistan . their are many beautiful place in nagar. Their are many glacier in nagar from which some are largest in pakistan and some are also very famous in all over the world. Their are many natural beautiful place in nagar . where many people goes every year to enjoy the weather , area and look .

Below I listed few important tourist points of nagar . always choose from the following areas to go . when you want to visit the nagar valley .because the area which I list they are full of natural beauty , glacier , lakes and full of minerals as well .


Chalt is a small village in nagar . most peoples of chalt are farmers . they do farming  . mostly peoples of chalt are uneducated . but in 2020 most youth of nagar are interested in education . so do not worry about your language because they know the national language and international language as well.  

Now point is that what is the interested thing in “Chalt” . OK their is a valley named as Guppa valley . interesting point about this is that it is among the most beauty full valley of nagar  . the natural beauty of this valley attract peoples toward it. Once you go their you will never forget it again .



Skindar abad

Skindar abad is a valley of nagar . it is also among the beauty full valley of nagar . their are many land of grasses in skindar abad . if you will go their you will remember it is the largest park the world . because all area of this valley of full of natural beauty with different types of flower and many garden. Their are many beauty full lake also present in this valley . so try to choose valley like this where your find will become fresh by seeing the area like Paradise.




The most important valley of nagar that is gulmit . the peoples of gulmit and their simplicity . their job are also simple. Their are also very simple area in gulmit but most peoples comes to this areas . because of rakaposhi. Every year thousand of tourists from out of countries comes to this place for rakaposhi , because it is the view point of rakaposhi . secondly their is also glacier in gulmit.



Pissan is also the know as tourist points . because their are two important things to see. One of them is diran peak which is in this village most peoples come to climb and some peoples also come to see thing that is glacier . yes their is also a glacier in pissan .




The most beautiful place . it is full of flowers and green . the whole land look green and flower dancing in the green land when an air start to flow. And those peoples who come to this place they capture pictures of each other in this green area .


SAS valley

SAS valley is a big valley . their are more two villages inside in SAS valley . many peoples also visit to this place due to high peak . yes their are many high peak in this areas . it is also know as the land of mineral  in nagar. Their is also a land know as  chumarbakor which is located from  1800 above sea level In nagar .


Nagar khas

This is know as the royal land of nagar . during the kingdom time the royal family lived in this valley (nagar khas) . if you go their you will find fort. Also see when you go their . The for is

900 year old fort it is also archaeological site.secondly their are

Golden peaks in nagar khas .you will also find the view point of lady finger from here.



Hoper is a Beautiful and green land. Their are many  glaciers is also glacier in hoper called hoper glacier . their is another glacier in hoper which is called  barfo glacier . I think it is famous glacier of our country .  their is also pakistan,s largest alpine lake . which is also called  rush lake .



Hisper is the most important valley form new visitor . are they from pakistan or from any other region . because if you want to see the world second longest glacier you have to come here . yes world second longest glacier is here .baifo glacier is  121 km long .

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