The MostBeautiful And Attractive Places Of Phandar North Pakistan

The MostBeautiful And Attractive Places Of Phandar North Pakistan


Phander is the most beautiful valley of gilgit baltistan . The natural beauty of different places of phander attract peoples toward itself. In the season of summer the valley of phander becomes much beautiful then other palace of gilgit baltistan.their are lake present in many area of phander where peoples go to fishing . If you have a day to visit phander visit an area from the given and enjoy like all other tourist.

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Shaemal ground Phandar

It is a large ground present in phander  . If you like to go their ask about matuti bridge (in khowar matuti sar) .  You can also ask about napoor which is the location where this beautiful place is present . Every year many people from pakistan and out side of pakistan goes to visit this place. Do not worry about launch and rest. Hotel is also available their for visitors and a gust house is also available  their near the the main road.




Gulagmuli Phandar

Gulkahmuli is a village of phander . The two villages gulakhmuli and gulakhtori are seperate by river . Means that rive is passing from the center of both these valleys. Gulagmuli is the most beautiful valley of phander the is the beauty of natural in gulagmuli . Different type of grasses , vast land and flowers make the whole area attractive. If you want to go their feel free about hotels and gust houses . Their are lot of hotels and gust houses present in gulagmuli.

Shandoor hotel is the most popular hotel of gulagmuli . It is know as shandor hotel due because those people who goes to shandoor they mostly do launch their. And it is also a gust house if a tourist like of spend night he can rest here.abad wali gust house is another gust house mostly people from different come to visit gulagmuli they rest here . Its a gust house and it also hotel . Where people do launch in launch time .





Handrap Phandar

Fishing is hobby of many people . And their hobby take them to different areas of world to do fishing.

Most people who like to do fishing they select handrap valley to go . It is the beautiful valley of phander . Their is lake present in phander where the local peoples of handrap mostly goes to do fishing . If a tourist goes to do fishing they guide them to reach the destination. And another most beautiful view point is  keness lake ( in khowar kaness chat) . The view of this lake also attract the visitors . Their are not any gust house present in handarp . But small hotels can be their for visitor .




Teru Phandar

Their are many places in phander  this is a valley named as teru . Which is also the beautiful place of phander .  The grassy land beautiful trees and flower make the whole environment most pretty.  Most tourist goes to teru for fishing . Their is huge lake present in teru which the local people of teru always goes to fishing . When the tourist goes their the behaviour of local people is also very good .

If you want to rest their for few day do not take tension about place to live . Their are many hotels and gust house present in teru .Their is a govt gust house present in teru which most people and visitor goes when they are in the mode to rest for few day . Their are also many other gust house available in teru.Shandoor gust house gust house also present near where the tourist can rest for as much as they like . Another gust house in teru isrehmat khan gust house present in teru . This is also know as base camp for  shandoor , langar , and khokush nala .

Means that those people who like to go to shandoor they can rest in these gust houses . Those people who like to go to langar and as well khokush nala they can also rest here and in next day they can go in their way .




Barsat Phandar

Barsat is the a valley in phander  . Its said that barst is the beautiful area itself . We did not have to search for a beautiful place inside it . The whole view this valley attract the people toward it.  Their is hotel present in barst where peoples do their launch when they arrive their .

The name of hotel is zar hotel or gust hosue and it is also a gust house if a tourist like to rest for a day he can spend his complete their . Their is also another gust house present in barst near the main road name of that hotel is not coming to my mind for next time i will add when i update the post .



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