Four Most Popular Areas With Complete Natural Beauty In Rondo, Division Baltistan

Four Most Popular Areas With Complete Natural Beauty In Rondo, Division Baltistan


Baltistan is a division present in gilgit baltistan. mean their the north area of pakistan named as Gilgit Baltistan . it consist of two parts one is Gilgit and another is Baltistan. and today we will mention few tourist points of baltistan .if we goes to the geography it is know that baltistan is very big as compare it gilgit. so gilgit is not a division .but baltistan is divsion and thier are many districts present in divison baltistan.

And toady we are goes to talk about district of baltistan which is know as "rondo baltistan" . below in the post i have added few most visitd area of rondo district . and when ever you visit to baltistan and the rondo you must visit the below area so that you enjoy the journey.

Rondo is the tehsil of baltistan division . which is situated in north pakistan , which is also called gilgit baltistan .


    Diamachan is a village present in district rondo in baltistan division. their are many more place in diamachan . but this is the most attractive area of rondo . and when we talk about the natural beauty this place this area is coved with Green grasses every .and the mountain coved with snow when we see to the peeks of the mountain . and when we see to the ground greeny will visible in every place . which makes you very happy. and the greene make the whole area attractive .another area in diamachan is heran bag which is also very green area . most people comes to this place for visit when they come to rondo diamachan. Another area in diamachan is thorsa jafarabad which is also very attractive palce for visitor.

    the culture of baltistan and their jobs . such that the pople of baltistan inersted in fun and enjoy and to play different game . peoples of baltistan play different type of game from which most commonly know as polo . it is very intersting that according to the season . the poeple of rondo play diffrent games . in winter season they play an interesting game .

    Their is also a polo ground present in diamachan where people of this area and near area play polo game.

    And in this post i have added many areas of diamachan and their visited place . means that in diamachan theirs are particualr place where peoples goes to visit.


    This is mountain area which is coved with green peaks and high mountain ranges . their is also a polo ground in thowar .


    Tormik is very attractive of diamachan . the main point to add the this area as a tourist point is the natural beauti of this place. their is large natural beauty avilable for visitor .the tree and their beautiness, the grass and it attractiveness . and the mountain and their peeks . the simple houses in this village and the simple peoples of this village are the main cause of attraction. and when we did not

    Dunsa (attractive place ) is also present in this valley .

    Their is also a Polo ground in tormik .
    tormik valley


    Their is another toursit point in rondo is know as istak. it is vey village in rondo district. i think it is a tehsil in district rondo. and when we talk about the importance of istak for visitor . we say taht Istak is also a beauty full place of diamachan . their are many place with natural beauty in istak .their are many place which are cause of attraction in this village . the natural beauti of this valley also attract the people and the visitor toward itself. and every year most peoples from the pakistan and from out side of the country and from the near village people come to visit this village .

    i have added incomplete data about rondo. please help me to improve my post if you know.

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