Never Miss These Five Most Beautiful And Attractive Places Of Sherqilla Ghizer

Tourist Points Inj Sherqilla read complete

Sherqilla is the beautifull valley of district ghizer . every year many people form different places from all over the world comes to sherqilla .sherqilla is valley is largest in district ghizer their are grassy land present every where in sherqilla where the toursit come to enjoy .
few toursit points in sherqilla are as under.

1.muss phaliii




5.Pasture Of Sherqilla

Muss phali Sherqilla

muss phali is full of natural beauti . their are types of trees in muss pahli . their are many natural beauti land in muss phali . people of muss pahli are very simple and hard worker . if you come their ask about the way from any one he/she will guide you well then me.... muss phali start from main jamat khana , muss pahli is very beautifull place in sherqilla . their are grassy land in muss phali . people go their with family evey year . they enjoy the beautiness of the area . secondly they play different game their because their is also a play ground their are many hotels in muss phaliii from where you can pack you launch . so that in your launch time you will not become distrub.and if you like to rest , their is also a pleasent and bautifull gust house present . just ask about it from any one ,if you came.

Rashmal Sherqilla

Rashmal is present in the center of sherqilla , their are many schools an health center present in this place their are .If you search for a natual beautiful place in rashmal i say rashaml complete is a complete natural bautifull place . their are many grassy land present in rashmal side in sherqilla .

You remeber will remember about the parks of differnt cities where you went. and you will say this area is more beautifull from those all areaswhich i have visited.Their are many hotels present in rashamal where , from where you can do your launch .if you go down in rashmal you willgo near the river that will be amazing seen the flow of river and the sound .

Then pick you camera and capture the ever beautifull place .and if you go above from rashmal you will go near the mountain of sherqilla this is also a different place which you seen in sherqilla , because their you will find big ,small ,huge stone and huge mountains that willbe a great .

Ramasot Sherqilla

Ramasot is present in last side of sherqilla , when you come to rashmal the next place you find that is ramasot . das and khidas is also present near ramasot . ramasot is very beautifull valley .

Their are many natural beauti ramasot . grassy lands , cultivated land , beutifull houses and small big shop still their are no big hotel in ramasot , but small hotel are present .

If you go to khidas from their it is a different land from all the sherqilla because their are large sand areas which are not still cultivated.

The flow of river seprate two valley gulapoor and khidas by passing from center . both side of the river their are shops and houses are build .

Their are many play ground in khidas where you play the game which you like.

Derana Sherqilla

Derana is the cool valley of sherqilla . derana is full of natural beauti and it is much beautifull then you think . the look of each place of derana is full of unmeasurable beauti . river flow in derana make the whole enviroment cool cool . the land of derana is grassy every .

you will see crowd of flower every in land of derana as much as you didnot seen in a garden .their are different type of trees in derana. people of derana are simple . and most peoples are cultivating their land .

the last point is derana jamat khana it is the beautiest place in derana if you visit derana you must see derana jamat khana it is the most beautifull jamat khan in deran and i think in sherqilla.

pasture of sherqilla (NALA)

i know pasture of sherqilla is very far away from sherqilla . but every year peoples of sherqilla held different sport in pasture of sherqilla .people of all over sherqilla goes to pasture of sherqilla to enjoy . i can play different game in any place why i will go pasture .but i will go the main reason is the beauti of pasture of sherqilla . i know it is very cool and coolest place of sherqilla .

if you like to go you have to wear coast and sweater . and when you reach in pasture you will see the beautiful of the area which you never seen in any place you will find cool and healthy milk for free , fresh and healthy meat , grassy land every where , and the flow of river from near mountain make the sence more attractive. the sound of goat and cattle and their grzzing . and if you like to spend few day their you now you have to carry the important tools with you like light , coat cap , thing to eat and more .

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