Best And Cheap Hotel - Shaheen Hotel Gilgit


Their are many many hotels for tourists in gilgit baltistan . but some time a tourist like to live in kashrot area of gilgit baltistan . secondly their are also many tourist hotels in kashrot . but the most famous hotel for tourist in kashort shaheen hotel.

shaheen hotel main gate


Hotel management

The management system of this hotel is very advance . the manager of this hotel is from gilgit baltistan . he respect the gusts who come from different areas of of pakistan and all over the country. And the other people this hotel also do their work faith fully. and they are always ready to help their gusts.


Security system

As we know that it is very popular hotel of gilgit baltistan. And it is also very big hotel really. So it is very important for the owner to maintain a strong security system in their hotel .

We know that all the people do their tasks online today. And internet is as much important as the food for a person. The shaheen hotel of kashrot provide a strong wifi of DSL connection for their gust for free. Where they can do their tasks easily.


As we said that it is very famous hotel and very popular hotel in all over the gilgit. When we talk about the room in this hotel . I say that you can play football their ,but do not. Mean that the rooms are as much big and wide.
room in shaheen hotel




When you are bored and you like for enjoyment. Just go to the near park which is present near the hotel .  just go their and play a game which you like with your friends.



Shaheen hotel provide too many resource for their gusts.

1. Wide room .

2. Wifi connection.

3. Tv for connection.

4. Cable connection for free.

5. Sofa system .

6. Single bad room.

7. Double bad room.

8. Triple bad room.

9. Standard menu .

 Their are many more resource you will find.



When you are bored you can entertain yourself by watching TV .their is another way of entertainment which is very famous which is wifi connection . yes you can use wifi for free for all over the time in this hotel . no one will get pay .


Transport system

For transport system such that when you like to go from this hotel to a near area for travel . or you want to visit a near area for you enjoyment . the peoples of this hotel will help you to carry a rent car for you .



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  1. Amazing post very easy to read everyone can understand it. Shaheen Hotel sounds one of the best hotel in Kasharote Gilgit.

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