Famous Hotels In Gahkuch Ghizer

Gahkuch is situated in gilgit baltistan in gilgit division . it is present in district ghizer . it is the central area in district ghizer. The office of AC and DC are in Gahkuch .

So all the people attracted toward gahkuch due to their needs . it is also very beautiful palce in and it also a dense populated area in district . their are many shop and different companies working in gahkuch . their are many colleges and schools in gahkuch .


Toady we will talk in detail about the hotels present in gahkuch . below I have tried to add few important hotels present in gahkuch .

Or If a visitor read the post he she can easily arrive in the famous hotel of gahkuch . or for any urgent if have also added the contact number of each hotel so that you can easily contact with the hotel manger or the owner.

Below are the list of  few famous hotel present in gakhuch a small city present in district ghizer.


List of hotel in  Gahkuch:

1. Hotel green place gahkuch

2. Gc hotel and restaurant

3. Traveler point hotel gahkuch

4. The metropolitan hotel ghizer branch

5. Hotel tourist embassy

6. Karim gust house

7. Hotel de capra





1.Hotel green place gahkuch 

Hotel green place gahkch is one of the most famous hotel of gahkuch . it is beautiful hotel present in the main shandur road gahkuch .

Their are all type of facilities available for the visitor in the hotel . yearly most of national and international visitor come to gahkuch stay in this hotel.


And you want to contact to the hotel the contact number is  03174501501




2. Gc hotel and restaurant

The is also the famous and most beautiful hotel of ghakuch . the beautiful hotel is present in the main road of gakuch.

And you want to contact to the hotel the contact number is (058144)51631.



3. Traveler point hotel gahkuch ghizer

 Traveler point hotel is a famous hotel for the travelers .The is also very famous for international visitors .Their are all type of resource available for he visitor present in this hotels.

If you wanna t contact to the hotels “Traveler point hotel” contact number is  03435418193.



4. The metropolitan hotel ghizer branch

The metropolitan hotel is a famous hotels which is present in many areas of pakistan .the  gahkuch branch of The metropolitan hotel is present in the main road of gahkuch.


Is a beautiful hotel present in gahkuch . their are all type of resource available for the visitors in the hotels .

The contact number of The “ metropolitan hotel ghizer ” is 03335456604.


5. Hotel tourist embassy

Hotel tourist embassy is another most famous hotels in gahkuch. It is also famous hotel due to all type of available resource .

It say that this mange all the resource to the visitor with deep care.

The contact nubmer of Hotel tourist embassy is 03555242820.


6. Karim gust house

Karim gust house is a gust house present in gahkuch . as we know that  their are many gust houses present in gahkuch . but this is a famous gust house . the rooms in this gust house are wide and clean. Their is also wide garden in the gust house . the air conditions system is also present in the gust house.

If you want to contact with the gust house owner the number of the number is 03456013157.

And if you want to reach their it is present in the back side of digital exchange in gahkuch.


7. Hotel de capra

As I told that I have added all the famous hotel of ghakuch in the post so these all hotels are the top hotels of gahkuch .

 Hotel de capra is another best hotel in gahkuch. This hotels is present in the main gilgit and chitral road in gahkuch .

the hotels is very beautiful and wide and the rooms in this hotels are wide and clean .  the parking resource is also available in this hotel .

If you want to contact with to the  Hotel de capra the phone number is 0345685598.




Below are the few resource available in the all above hotels.

Their are all type of resource available in this hotel including

1. Free Wifi

2. TV

3. Cable connection

4. Green place

5. Parking

6. Wide rooms

7. Air conditions

8. All type of menus

9. Clean rooms

10. One bad room

11. Two bad room

12. And as well three bad rooms

13. Small medial center in the hotel for urgent


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