Schools In Hunza Valley

All school present in hunza with complete detail.

Hunza is the most famous valley in pakistan .every year most visitor from all over the world comes to visit this valley .this beautiful place is present in in the north of pakistan know as gilgit balitistan.

Today we will talk about different type govt and private schools present in hunza valley . their are many school present in hunza . few of them are primary and few are middle .in this post I have tried to mention all the school present in hunza .



List of schools present in hunza valley


1. Aga khan higher secondry school

2. Hunza public school

3. Aga khan school junair compus

4. Hesegwa memorial public school and degree college

5. Smart school

6. Uswa public school and college

7. Govt girls middle school

8. New bacon house

9. Fouji foundation model school

10. Al murtaza acadmy

11. Govt middle schools hunza

12. Govt middle school hussain abad

13. Diamond jublee schoo



1. Aga khan higher secondary school


Aga khan higher secondary school is the most famous school in hunza. the aga khan school system is available in all over the world and help the student in their study .it is secondary school.

In hunza aga khan high secondary school is present in karim abad .



2. Hunza public school and collge


Hunza public school is also know as the famous school in hunza .it is now only a school it offer education for higher secondary and it is also top level education system in hunza.

their are many student from all over the hunza valley come to this school . here the student can study from primary level to secondary level.

this is present in ali abad hunza.



3. Aga khan juneir compus


Aga khan junair compus  is another for children children in hunza .this is also know as primary school hunza . their are many trained teacher in this school they can make the child capable to train in study .

their are many resource available for children for enjoyment such as different type of toys different type of playing thing . 

means that the teacher teach to the children not force fully .they make train the study by making them happy.

 This school is present in karim abad hunza.



4. Hasegawa memorial public school and college


It is another very famous school in hunza . it is not only a school . this school offer study for secondary level and many students from all over the hunza studied here to secondary level.

This is a school and also a college it is present in karim abad hunza.



5. Smart school


Smart school is present in many area of north pakistan. It is also present in hunza side which is know as smart school hunza is present in the ali abad hunza.



6. Uswa public school and collge


Uswa public school is very famous school . this school offer education from primary level to the secondary level. 

The student who passed their  matriculation from any school they can study here form their secondary certificate. Uswa public school and collge is present in ganish hunza.



7. Govt girls middle school


This is a girl school . it is present in ganish hunza . most student from near by area come to this school form study. Because it is a govt school so the total amount of students in this school is very high . 

this is a school for girl and most girl from all over the hunza valley come to this school for study. this school offer education for a student from primary level to middle level . 

after their study to the middle the student go to the collge which is present in ganish named as uswa college they can also go the the near areas for study. 



8. New bacon house


New bacon house is a school present in hunza valley . this is a school for middle level 

and primary level student. In hunza this schools is present in altit hunza. The student 

from all area of hunza come to this schools for study.



9. Fouji foundation model school


This is also a govt school present in hunza north of pakistan. This is a school for primary student and as well as for middle school .

In this school the student from all over the hunza valley comes to study . the fouji foundation model school is present in the ali abad hunza.

10. Al murtaza acadmy

Al murtaza acadmy is a school for middle student and as well as for primary students . 

this is a very famous school in hunza . student form all over the hunza valley come to 

study in this acadmy. Al murtaza acadmy is present in the mumtaz abad hunza.



11. Govt middle school


This is another govt school . it is a middle school for boy . most student in this school 

are the children of poor families . student from all over the hunza comes to this school 

for study . this is a middle school and after studying to the middle the students go to 

near college for high education.



12. Govt middle school hunza


This is a govt school present in hussain abad hunza. Their are many student studying in 

this school and they belongs to different areas of hunza . this is a middle school so so 

after study to the middle level the student go to a near college or toward  city for study 

high education.



13. Diamond jublee school


Diamond jublee school is a private school . this school is present in hussain abad hunza. 

Their are also many other private school and govt schools present in hussain abad 

hunza. Diamond jublee school also a very famous school among them. Most parents 

sent their children to this school because they think that this is a good school for the 

small children . because thier are many trained teacher who polish the student and 

make them ready for future.

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