Seven Most BeautyFull Places In Ishkoman Ghizer PK, Must Visit

Few Tourist points in ishkoman read complete

Daien water fall  



It is a beautifull water fall present in  “go chaaar” . go chaar is  the name of place in daain . it is very beautiful water fall  surrounding by grassy land and mountain . their is smooth air flow every time from near which makes the whole environment very pleasant. 


Sholja daien

It is a name of palce in daain ishkoman . their is water fall in this area . in their traditional language they say “uch” .it is said about the water fall that the water become sold when it flow from near area and when it fill in any area .but not flowing water become solid.  



Asian second largest bridge

Their is  largest bridge in ishkoman . which is between daain and chator khan . it is wooden bridge  612 feet long . it is  said that it is the second largest bridge of asia .


 Borth Lake

Their is a lake present in borth in ishkoman . the area is wide and grassy . their are many beautiful flowers and tree present in borth . most people goes to this area for enjoyment in their spare time .


Pakistan second largest lake

In the area karamber  ishkoman their is large lake . it is also know as the second largest lake of pakistan . it is present in village imit .  bifello polo  / emit


Utte lake

It is a lake present in the last side of ishkoman . this is very beautifull lake . once when british come to this lake they impressed with the beauti of that ara and they created a small house their . so that when a tourist come their he can live a thier and enjoy the beauti of that area as more as he can .  


Birgal fish farm



Their are many fish farm present in ishkoman . one is in birgal chator khan . it is very big fisher farm present in this area . their are many type of fishes avileable here .   



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