Top Best And Cheap Hotels In Gilgit Baltistan


There are three main hotel in kashort . these three hotel are very famous for visitor and tourist . mostly tourists who comes to gilgit they book room online in a hotel from these. I am not talking about the whole gilgit just talking about the kashort area or near the park area . below I have added three famous hotels of the kashort gilgit .

 Park hotel

 Jamal hotel

 Shaheen hotel


Park Hotel

As we described that park hotel is present in kashort gilgit . and as the also indicates that “park hotel” their may be a park near to the hotel . according to which they choose the name for their hotel.

This hotel is very near to the park and when you will come here you will see that the distance between the park and the hotel is about just five minutes.

The management system of this hotel is standard . here you will find all the resource which you can find in a five star hotel in pakistan.

park hotel



Jamal Hotel

Jama hotel is also present in kashort gilgit. Most peoples from all over pakistan come this hotel and also from out side of pakistan.

As compare to the other two hotel which I added in this post I think that the management system in this not much standard . but it is also not much expensive like the other both.

Jamal hotel also provide all the resource for their gust . which the other both provide like wifi system . their is a small garden in the center of this hotel . the condition of room in this hotel are also fresh .

Free internet for the visitor is available is also available for the gust in jamal hotel. Wide room with Tv and sofa system .

jamal hotel




Shaheen Hotel

This is very famous hotel in kashort like the other two hotel of kashort which I mentioned in this post. Shaheen hotel is the biggest hotel present in kashrot .

It is present in kashort gilgit near infront of jamal hotel . and few far from the park hotel .

Jamal hotel provide all the resource for the visitor , gust and tourist. The room in this hotel are wide and three friends can easily live togather in a single room in this hotel.

Tv , wifi system , sofa system , double , triple , and also single bad , and all other resource are available for gust.

Park of gilgit baltistan is very near to it when a gust becomes bore he/she can go their to spare few time by playing different game which he/she like.

Shaheen hotel




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