Best Education Centers , Schools And Colleges In Ishkoman , Ghizer District

Important education center in ishkoman ,Ghizer read complete

Ishkoman is present in gilgit baltistan . Here we have added few important areas of ishkoman . and include the education centers present in each areas .  

1. Koch

Koch deh is present in ishkoman . their is one DJ middle school present in koch deh . their is one  Govt school present in koch deh . most students from koch goes to these schools .


2. Chator khan

Chator khan is the most important area of ishkoman . their are many educational institutions present in chator khan . such as LRS Public school . it is middle schools . their is another schools named as Hanisar Public School, . Their is also a schools for children,s named as  Children University .

Their are also two govt schools present in chator khan . Govt secondary school for boys .and another is Govt school for girls .

Their is also  a collge present in chator khan named as inter college chator khan

Their are two primary schools and also one middle present in chator khan



3. Daain

It is also the important areas of ishkoman . their are three govt  schools present in daain . their is one DJ School and one Community Public present in daain .  

Most student,s from Dien  , .chota  dien ,  . bada dien and  Mola abad come to these schools for study.


4. Mola Abad

As we said that most students from mola abad goes to daain for study . this is because their is one govt primary school present in mola abad . so the student goes to near area for their middle education and their secondary education . and for their college education they goes to chator khan .



5. Phakora

Their is one Govt girl high and Govt boy high  present in phakora . their are also DJ High School and  Banazir Public school present in phakora .

Most students from Mola abad , shonas , bar jhangal , asumbar come to phakora for study .


6. Shonas

Their is one DJ  middel school present in shonas .Their is one Govt Middle (co) school in shonas  . most student from shonas come to these school . no one comes to these school from near area.


7. Bar jhangal

Their is a Govt high (co) school present in bar jhangal . their is also a DJ  Middle School present in bar jhangal  . most student from thap uskin  , kulum shogoor  , gish  gish  also come to these schools for study .


8.  Proper ishkoman

Their are many small villages present in proper ishkoman . and in each villages their are many Schools middle and primary present .

 some of them are govt schools and some are private schools.

such as Dj LRS school .it is secondary school and student can get college

education here. Their is also Govt Collge present in this area . most student from all over 

the ishkoman come to this collges for study mostly .

Student come from the following area here to study.

1. Imit

2. Mujawar

3. Bilhans

4. Shams abad

5. Borth

6. Koch

7. Gish gish

8. Kulum shogoor etc


9. Imit

Their is one DJ high school present in imit  and their is also one govt school present in imit which is middle . and one is also primary present in imit.

Most student from the following areas to imit for study .

1. Imit

2. Mujawar

3. Bilhans

4. Shams abad

5. Borth


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