Best And Cheap Hotel - Jamal Hotel Kashrot Gilgit


Their are many hotel in kashrot gilgit. Most famous hotels in kashrot are shaheen hotel , park hotel and jamal hotel.



Jamal hotel is present in kashort gilgit . it is very near to air port road. And city park is present in the back side of this hotel. In the front of this hotel the another famous of kashort is present “shaheen hotel”.


Jamal hotel is very famous hotel of kashsort. As we know that it is not much popular hotel like the park and shaheen hotel . but it is also standard like these both hotels. The room in jamal hotel are fresh and wide.



As we know an internet is very important part of every person. And in today life some person use internet as fashion. Some use this for their business. And those people whole use the internet as fashion they are in great loss this is another point.




Jamal hotel is very large hotels . they are many room available in jamal hotel. Some of room in this hotel are so small and some of rooms in this hotel are very big.generally their are one bad , two bad, three bad and as well as four bad room available for gust in jamal hotel .

More ever TV , facility of internet sofa, clean washroom etc are also available in each room .




 Wide rooms

Wifi connection


Cable for free

Sofa system

Single abad room

Double bad rooms

Triple bad room

Standard menu

Their are many more resource you will find 

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