Top Best 5 Star And Cheap Hotel Present In Skardu. Gilgit Baltistan


Skardu is the most beautiful palce present in the north of pakistan. Skardu is present in the division baltistan.skardu is also very famous areas know as city in baltistan. Because their are many school  colleges and as well as a univeristy in this area. This is also very famous for it shopping center and bazars .

If we talk about the the beautiful palces their are many attractive palces present in the skardu. So yearly many national and international visitor comes to visit the different places of skardu.

To provide shelter and food for the tourits their are many hotel constructed in the skardu. Some of the hotels are govt base hotel but most of them are private hotels .

In this post I  have tried to mention most standard hotels of skardu. Some of most famous hotels of skardu are given below .



List of 15 best hotels present in skardu.

1. Shangrila hotel and resort

2. Serish gust house skardu

3. Khadin resort and view point

4. Hotel graceland in skardu

5. Shangrila hotel and resort

6. Himalaya hotel skardu

7.  Serish gust house skardu

8. Mountain lodge hotel

9. Hotel graceland view hotel

10.  break fast , pay at hote 

11. Ghazi lake hotel 

12. Hotels dewna e khas skardu

13. Punar in hotel 

14.  Hotel hargisa 

15. Candela resort

16. Skardu villas

1. Shangrila hotel and resort

“ Shangrila ” the most famous hotel in all over the pakistan .it is very beautiful and most attractive hotel and and if we compare it with the most beautiful hotels of the world it is also be mentioned in the top twenty hotel .

Yearly most visitor who comes to skardu most stay in this hotel and they enjoy the beauti of the lake . mean that their is a beautiful lake in the front of shangirla resort and hotel which is also the point of attraction . secondly the beauti of the area in shangir the greeny area and its natural beauti als attract the most visitor from all over the world toward it.

1. Shangrila hotel and resort


2. Serish gust house skardu

This is a gust house present in skardu. As I told that I have mentioned all the best and standard hotel and gust of skardu in the post . and serish gust hous is also  a very famous gust house for the visitor . which provide all the resource for its gust.

As this is a gust house so thier is not any perfect way for food prepartion and most people come to this gust house for the rest and stay at night with their families and other visitor friends.

The price of one day stay in this gust house is nearly  2500 PKR.


2. Serish gust house skardu

Hotel graceland in skardu

Grace land is also a very famous one . this is present in the main city of skardu . so this hotel is always full of gusts every time . their are wide room and fresh rooms present in the hotels and all types of resource for the gust are present in this hotel. The price for of one day stay in this hotel is near to 3250.


3. Hotel graceland in skardu

4. Indus view hotel 

Indus view hotel is another best hotel in skardu. The greeny ness of the garden in the hotel also very attractive. This hotel provide all type of resource for the the gust



4. Indus view hotel

5. Ghazi lake hotel 

Ghazi lake hotel is another very famous hotel which is present in the upper kuchara . this is also an attractive point for the visitors . this hotels provide all type of resource for it gust.


5. Ghazi lake hotel

6. Hotels dewna e khas

Hotels dewna e khas is a famous hotel  in skardu. This is a big hotel in the main road of skardu. The wide room and the free parking resource is also package for the visitor who stay in this hotel.


6. Hotels dewna e khas

7. Punar in hotel 

Punar in hotel is another very famous hotel of skardu. This hotel is present in a beautiful and greeny area in skardu . if we talk about the resouce the hotel also provide complete resouce for the gusts.


7. Punar in hotel

8. Hotel hargisa

Hotel hargisa is the famous hotel of skardu  . the price of a room in this hotels is near to 3500 and more then it . the is also a  best hotel for the visitors .


8. Hotel hargisa

9. Khadin resort and view point

First of all this is a resort and most beautiful resort and in a beautiful natural beauti area .and if you want to stay in this resort for one day you have to pay 9500 PRK .


9. Khadin resort and view point

10. Himalaya hotel skardu

Himalaya hotel is another very famous hotel . as these all hotels which I mentioned are very famous and this hotel is also among these all hotel . this hotel also having wide room fresh room air  conditons and all type of resouce for the gusts.


10. Himalaya hotel skardu

11. Mountain lodge hotel

Mountain lodge hotel is another hotel in the skardu . this is a big hotel .this hotel is decorated with beautiful tools and it look very attractive. Their is also a garden in this hotel if a gust fee bore she he can enjoy the greeny of the area also.

11. Mountain lodge hotel


12. Candela resort

Candela resort is another resort in the skardu . this is the most famous resort in skardu valley . their are all type of resource in this resort for the tourists and visitors.


12. Candela resort

13. Skardu villas

Skardu villas is very famous hotels of skardu. This is most beautiful area in skardu like the shangrila in skardu.


13. Skardu villas


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