List of available banks NLI Gilgit

List of available banks NLI Gilgit read complete


NLI mean northern light inferiority .It is very famous place for shopping in Gilgit Baltistan . today post is about the available bank in NLI . if we talk about markets their are many markets present inside NLI .and when talk about bank does their any bank present in NLI market . answer yes  their are also many banks present in NLI gilgit. i have tried to mention all the bank available in NLI market in this post . if any bank missed i will added that again when i upadate it next time . but now few are below.


Listed of bank in present inside NLI market are:







üHabib Metro


Alfala Bank

Alfala bank is very famous bank in gilgit baltistan . their are many branches of alfala bank in gilgit . one is in like in jutail and in gilgit.

In NLI gilgit alfala bank is present near the HBL bank . when you are going toward poniyal road throw NLI market . you will find this bank in you right side .


Meezan Bank

Meezan bank is not much popular bank in gilgit . you will not find the branches of mazan bank in any other areas of gilgit expect NLI .

In NLI market mazan bank is present near the KCBL bank of

near the Nazar mobile shop . you can ask to any when when

you arrive in NLI market because its not much wide and any one can guide you.


HBL Bank

 It is the most important bank of pakistan . their are many bank of HBL available all over the pakistan. but when we talk about gilgit baltistan HBL Bank is most popular bank in gilgit baltistan.  Their are many branches of HBL Bank in Gilgit . like injutial , in daniyore and also near Karakoram

International University.

In NLI HBL Bank is present very near the national

bank . when you are going toward poniyal road .you

will find the bank in your left side .


National Bank

 This is the most imporant bank in pakistan and it is the govt bank. their are many national bank availablel in giligit one is present in near karakoram international unversity . another is present in jutial and another is present in kashrot gilgit .but the main branch of national bank in gilgit is present in NLI market. 

The main branch of national bank is present in NLI market of Gilgit Baltistan . It is very near to the SCO(Spacial Communication Organization) in NLI gilgit.

Their are many other branches of NLI Bank in Gilgit. Like in jutial and also in daniyore(in KIU).



KCBL bank is present in three areas of gilgit baltistan. One is present in NLI market gilgit  . to reach in KCBL bank which is present in NLI . you have to ask about the Habib Metro Bank or HBL Bank inside NLI . because these two banks are also very near to KCBL bank in NLI market.another present in jutial gilgit in sakwar . and third is present in daniyore gilgit.


Habib Metro Bank

Habibi metro bank is another very popular bank in gilgit baltistan . In NLI market Habib Metro Bank is present very near to KCBL bank or it is also near nazar mobile shop in NLI market.

Their are many branches of Habib Metro Bank in gilgit like in jutial their are two Habibi Metro Banks one is near public chook and another is near radio station jutial.

In daniyore Habib Metro bank is present near the main chook of daniyore.

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