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"Get information about health center , education centers , hotels , tourist points , and banks present in different areas of pakistan"

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List of schools present in yasin

Yasin is present in the north side of pakistan. Yasin is a biggest valley in in the north of pakistan. This valley is covered with mountains and green grasses from every where.

Today we will talk about the the school present in yasin. Below I have mention to near all the most important schools of yasin . in yasin few school are govt and few are private school .


List of Famous Schools Present In Yasin


1. Advance Public School

2. FG Boy High School  

3. Govt High School  

4. Govt School

5. Govt Primary School

6. lalik jan Army Public School

7. centeral asia institute School

8. FG boys primary School  

9. DJ primary School  

10. High School  

11.  DJ primary School

12. High er secondary School  

13. DJ High School

14. sap School  

15. FG Govt primary School

16. Dimond jublee learning

17.  Govt girls middle School

18. DJ primary School

19. sap School  umalsat

20. Sap School  





1. Advance Public School

Advance public school is present in taus yasin . the is also another govt school present in this area. Adavance public school is a middle school . most students from the near ares to this school and the others present this areas.


2. FG Boy High School

FG boy high school is present in center yasin . their are many other school and colleges present in this side .some school in this side are private and some are govt school. This school is middle school .and most center from all over the yasin come to this school for education.


3. Govt High School Girls

Govt high school for girl is also present in the center yasin .as we talked their are many other school present in this side . for girls their also other school . and most girl from the all over the yasin come to the center yasin for study . but but student for the near areas of center yasin comes here.


4.  Govt School

Their is a govt school in shaghetan to indicate that we it is know as govt school shaghetan . in this school most student for the shaghetan come to study.


5. Govt Primary School

We all know about the hunur side yasin . and this school is present in hundur yasin . it is a govt primary school .


6. lalik jan Army Public School

This is a govt school .which is know as army public school which is present in hundur yasin. It is the most famous school in hundur yasin .this school is bulit in this area in the name of shaheed lalik jan and gave the name to the school as “ lalik jan army public school hundur”. and it is also college which offer education for secondary level students also .


7. central Asia institute School . darkut

Central Asia institute schoo  present in darkut yasin .this is a private school this is middle school . in this school most student from darkut and near areas come to study.


8. FG boys primary School  

Their is primary school in morka which is known as FG boys primary school morka. This is govt institute most student from the morka come to this school for study and also from near area student come to this school for initial education.


9. DJ primary School

Their is a DJ school which is present in center yasin . this is middle school .most student from all near areas to this school come to this school for study.



10.  DJ primary School

This is another DJ school which is only for primary level students . the another DJ school in yasin Is present in centers yasin. Which is for middle level student and offer education for middle .

this DJ primary school is present in ghujalti in yasin. As we know that ghujalti is also a big area of yasin and their are also many other schools present in this areas of .


11. Higher secondary School   

We know that higher secondary school is a famous school separate all over pakistan. In yasin this institute is present in Taus yasin.

This is secondary school and those student who pass the test they can study their secondary level form this school.


12. DJ High School  

In sultan abad Taus their is a school which is know as DJ School . it is also very famous school of yasin. And it is a middle school


13. Sap School  

In sutltan abad taus their are total four school . this is a Sap school which is present in sultan abad is also a govt school which offer education for primary level only.


14. FG Govt primary School

In barkulti yasin their is a Govt school which is know as FG primary school . this school offer education for only primary students of primary level students .


15. The Dimond Jublee Learning

The diamond jublee learning school this most famous school in yasin . it is the secondary famous school in yasin after higher secondary school of yasin. Most students from all over the yasin comes to this school for study.


16. Govt girls middle School

Their is a middle school for girl in Hundur in yasin. It is a Govt school for girl . this school offer education for middle level students.


17. DJ primary School

In umalsat yasin thie are two main school two are mentioned in this post in serial number seventeen and eighteeen . this is DJ school present in umalsat in yasin . this is a private institute .

18. Sap School  UMALSAT

This is another school present in umalsat yasin . it is a govt school . this school offer education for only primary level students.


19. Sap School  HUNDUR

Their is another school present in hundur side yasin .as I have mentioned many othe school present in hundur yasin  like the lalik jan army public school in hudur which is he most famous school in this area. This is only a primary level school which offer education for only primary level students.


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