List of villages present in ishkoman valley In North Pakistan 202

list of all villages present in ishkoman valley with detail.


Ishkoman is present in the north of pakistan in district ghizer . today in this post we will know about the number of villages present in the ishkoman valley . 

1. Kochdeh

2. chator khan

3. daien

4. mola abad

5. phakora

6. shonas

7. barj jhangl

8. proper ishkoman    

9. imit

10. mujawar

11. bilhans

12. shams abad

13. borth

14. koch

15. gish gish

16. kulum shugoor




1. Kochdeh

Koch deh is is beautiful village present in gilgit baltistan ghizer . Their are many beautiful place present in koch deh.  People of koch deh are very talented .  some people of this area are fond of education . and their are also many educational centers present in this valley . some of the institution are govt and some are private . their is also an hospital and dispensary present in kochdeh .where most peoples from this village goes for treatment .  

2. Daien

Daien is also a village present in ishkoman . this is a beautiful area covered with mountain . their is a small lake also present in daien. Their  are education centers present in daien . such as schools . some of them are primary and some are middle school. Their are also medical centers present in daien some as a small hospital and a dispensary .


3. mola abad

It is very popular village present near chator khan . it is also very important ares for ishkoman  . because their are many big hospital and school . such as 10 bad hospital in mola abad .their is also a college present in mola abad . their are many middle and primary schools present in mola abad .


4. Phakora

Phakora is also a village present in ishkoman . it is a small village. For education their are few school present in phakor . most students from pahkora goes to near college for study higher . their are not much big hospital so mostly peoples carry their patient to near by areas for treatment.


5. Shonas

Shonas is a beautiful place present in ishkoman . their is also a tourist point present in shonas. It is  a small village . their is not a college or a big hospital in shonas . so peoples from ares goes to near by area for study and treatment.


6. Barj jhangl 

Bar jhangal is present in a last side of ishkoman . As the word jhangal indicates that their is much forest present in bar jhangal . in this area most people from the hunza are also came and 50% of people speaks ”wakhii” language . their is not a hospital and a secondary school present in bar jhangal. Or most peoples from this ares goes to near villages for study and for treatment.


7. proper ishkoman  

Proper ishkoman is not a village is a collection of few village in ishkoman . their are many villages in proper ishkoman. Few are

1. Faiz abd.

2. Momin abad.

3. Kot gout. Etc.


8. imit

Imit is also a beautiful village of ishkoman valley . their are many beautiful places present in imit. Their are many school present in imit some of them are private and some are govt school . and their are also a hospital present in imit . most people from goes to the school and hospital which are present in imit .


9. Borth

Borth is also a small village presetn in ishkomman valley . their are not a much facilities in this village . such as schools for student . including primary and secondary . hospital for treatment etc are not available in this village . but their is primary school and a dispensary available in borth .

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