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The real beauti ostore. their are many beautiful palces in astore . today we will know about few ...


Astore is the most beautiful palce in our gilgit baltistan. Astore is present in the north of pakistan. astore is a seprate district which is the combination of different small and big villages . Diamer is another district present very near to the district astore.


If we talk about the beauti of astore we will not count it and the beauti of astor is uncountable. This is a sperate and a most beautifull valley of our north pakistan .today we will talk about the most beautiful places of astore . as I told that their are many beautiful valley in different in of the astore .but in this post I have mentioned the name of a few discribtion about the few and most beautiful and most popular valley present in astore.





Tourist points in astore gilgit altistan


1. Rupal base camp astore

2. Tarshing astore nanga parbat view point

3. Allah wali jheel

4. Doeosai bara pani

5. Minimag

6. Rama astore

7. Qamari astore

8. Rainbow lake astore

9. Rama lake astore





1. Rupal base camp astore

This is a beautiful palce in the astore .this areas is covered with greeny lush grasses and beautiful trees.


2. Tarshing astore nanga parbat view point

This is another very beautiful palce in astore. This is also know as the view point of nanaga parbat . as we know that nanga parabat is the most beautiful and high peak in our country . and nanga parbat is also included in the highest peaks of the world .

This mountain is covered with snow in all over the year. From the trashing astore we can easily see the beautiful mountain.



3. Allah wali jheel

This is a beautiful lake which is present in astore . this lake is present in allah wali side astore. This is is very beautiful and look very attractive when we combine it with the beauti of astore. Their are fully grassy area in our astore . in this area the lake and the the grassy areas and the beautiufl tress make the whole enviroment more beautiful .



4. Doeosai bara pani

This is the another most beautiful spot in our astore. This is most beautiful point is present in doeosai astore. This is very attractive place in astore. Most peoples from the whole world come to visit this area thisi is most popular for the international and national visitors .



5. Minimrag

Minimarg is a small valley in astore . this is a beautuful valley in astore . minimarg is also very attractive for the visitors and most peoples form all over comes to visit this area every year.



6. Rama astore

Every one know about the rama place . the national person mean that the people from pakistan .and the international visitor who like to visit paksitan he know about the rama valley . I am saying this because this is the most beautiful palce of our paksitan . every year their is a festival held in this palce in which the local peoples from the valley play polo tourmanent .and they perfom many other type of their fesitval which are the most attractive and most intereting for the whole visitors.


To see this festival most peoples from pakistan goes to the rama every . the peoples wait for this movement every year . and look like all the peoples those international visitor who know about this palce and it action of festival he she also wait for this movement every year with high patience .



7. Rainbow lake astore

This is a beautiful lake present in astore . this is very attractive lake which is covered with lush green forests and beautiful grasses .


8. Rama lake astore

This is another lake and the most beautiful lake present in astore. By including this I think  I have included near to four lake in this post. Their are many other lake present in astore about some lake I do not know and about few I did not include a in t    his post. But the toursit points which I have included in this post area veally the most attractive points of astore valley .


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