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You Are New In Jutial Gilgit ? Thirteen Places In Jutial You Do Not Know



We know that jutial is present in the upper side of gilgit. Jutial is also very big . if you are new to gilgit  I think you will face many difficulties to find you location or to go any your areas. So today in this post I have mentioned all important area of jutial . I hope after reading this post you will know about different areas of jutial if you did not know about them.


list of important areas of jutial gilgit.

1. Zulfiqar abad

2. Goo dah chook

3. khomar chook

4. RADIO pakistan colony


6. Public chook

7. Yasin colony

8. Gupis colony

9. Bus station

10. General Post Office

11. FCNA chook

12. Sakwar



1. Zulfiqar abad

Zaufiqar abad is present in jutail gilgit. It is very big colony. Their are many markets in this side . their are many school present in zulfiqar abad . their are many coaching centers present in jutial gilgit.the main jamat khana of jutial is also present in zaufiqar abad. Most ismalies from all the jutail area comes to this jamat khan for pray every day.       this areas is very near to sunari bank . if you are new in jutail just ask about this chook “zulfiqr abad chook” any one will help you. Because it is very popular chook in jutial and all over the gilgit baltistan.


2. Goo dah chook

Go dah chook is present in jutial gilgit . this is not a colony it is very near to the army public school in jutial gilgit. Their is another hostel present very near to it which is know as karakoam boy hostel this hostel is managed by the army itself. Secondly the khomar chook of jutial gilgit also very near to it . and the fcna chook of hali chook is also near to it.

The nearest point to it is islamic bank which is infornt of this chook and the army public school which is also present in this chook.


3. khomar chook

Knomar chook is the most popular chook and most popular areas of jutial gilgit. Their are many famous ares near to it and important offices and banks near to it . such as the office of pakistan air force is present in this chook. Secondly the directorate office is also present in this chook. And their also a bank present in this chook which is known as KCBL bank.


4. RADIO pakistan colony

The chook which is near to the hali chook or between the hali chook and the zulfiqar abad chook is know as radio pakistan chook . their are many bank present in this chook . 

Total bank in this chook are

1. allied bank

2. Askari bank

3. HBL bank

4. Habib Metro bank

5. Faisal bank

6. Alfalah bank

7. Khybar bank

Their are also many schools and collges present in this chook such as apex college is present in this chook . secondly the radio station of gilgit baltistan is also present in this chook that why it is know as radio pakistan chook.




Alsabah chook is very famous chook in jutial gilgit . this chook is present in the down side of FCNA chook mean that the way which is coming from the FCNA it bring you to the alsabah chook jutial gilgit.

Their are many school present in alsabah chook. Their are many colleges present in this chook. When follow the road from the ranger chook from the alsabah chook you will go to the daniyore . you can also go to karakoram international university from this chook “ranger chook”.


6. Public chook

Public chook is very famous chook of jutial gilgit. This chook is present near to the gulshar plaza in jutial gilgit. It is also very near to the national baker in jutial gilgit .and it is very near to the salman garments in jutial gilgit.

Their is a bank micro finance which is also near to this chook. Their are also many famous hotels present near to it like osis international one.


7. Yasin colony

Yasin colony is present in jutial gilgit. When you follow the which is going up from the public chook you will come in yasin colony . the most famous zoo of gilgit baltistan is present in yasin coloney . the most famous hotels of gilgit baltistan is also present in yasin colony which is know as sareena hotel .

Their are many school and colleges present in this chook and which you follow this way straight in yasin colony you will go to this main chook of FCNA in jutial gilgit.


8. Gupis colony

Gupis colony is present in down side of jutial gilgit . when you come down by the link road which from the zulfiqar abad you will come in gupis colony . it is know as gupis colony because there most peoples are came from gupis and living here. Their are many school present in this chook.

If you go straight through this road you will reach in alsabah chook .


9. Bus station

Bus station is present in jutial gilgit near sakwar side . this area in jutial is mostly know as bus station . but it is nawaz shareef colony now by the people living in this area .their are many hotels you will find for gust in this side . the are many gust houses present in this side for the peoples coming toward gilgit.

Secondly their are also many school and collges present in this chook . the most important point is that the applet court is also very near to the bus station in jutail gilgit. 

If you are in searching of a hostel for boy their is also  a hostel in this area which is know as Nobel Hostel for boy which is present in front the applet court.

10. General Post Office

General post office is present in near the public chook . this is between the public chook and applet court. In the front of this office their is a shop know salman baker .


11. FCNA chook

FCNA is present in jutial gilgit . it is present in the hali chook . it do not mentioned the hali chook in this post because the FCNA chook and the hali chook both are same places in jutial gilgit. This chook is very near to radio pakistan chook.


12. Sakwar

Sakwar side is present in the last side of jutial gilgit. It is present in after the bus station when you are going from jutial . this area is start from the bus station side and ends in the china bridge .



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