Most Beautiful Astore North Pakistan

Most Beautiful Astore North Pakistan


Astore is the paradise of pakistan . astore is the most beautiful valley in our gilgit baltistan. The natural beauty of astore attract the peoples of all over the whole world toward it self. The grassy plans in all over the astore. The beautiful peaks of mountain different aras when the snow start to fall an it look that you are in a seprate world.

This beautiful valley is present in the north of pakistan in gilgit baltsitan . astore is not a small area it is a big district which includes many villages inside it. Diamer is another district which is also very near to the astore valley .


We know that their are not much cities in astore and their are not much school and hospital present in this valley . the peoples of this area are very simple . it do not means that they do no thing or they know no thing . it means that they do not do any type of bad job for any one .Secondly most peoples of this valley are belongs to poor family.


We know that all the peoples of this area are muslim and they belong to “suni ” firqa in the muslim religon. So they perfom all their cultures which include the muslims achiveness . they obay all the rules of muslim ummahs . and they perfoms all their cultures which includes their relogous of or their tradationals.


Most peoples of this valley belong to the suni FirQa . suni is a branch of muslim religon . and most people of this village belongs to the shea , ismaili and suni FirQa .


If we talk about the education system in astore it know that their are not proper eductation for the students above the middle level . and if we talk about the available other school in this valley these all and their conditions are also not good . but some school include govt school and private school perfoming their duty with faith .

In this post I have added few the most important education centers present in the astore valley . I tried to add all the school present in all over the district but if their is any mistake happened by me so do not forgot to include that in the post. To include this new record please add your data in the comment section I will update the post with your proper record . but avoid to give the fake records .

List of education centers present in astore

1. Army Public School Astore

This is a army based school which is managed by the pak army. This school is present in the center astore. And this is offer education from the priamry level to the middle level.

2. CGP Harcho Astore

This is a govt based school which is present in the center astore. This school is for female only . and this school offer education from the primary level.

3. CGP Shar Guli

This is another school in astore. This school is govt school and orgnized by the govt of pakistan schooloing system.this is also primary level school .this is co education school.

4. CMP Dachi

This is also govt school . this is only for primary level student . and this is co eduction center.

5. CMP Dadogai

This is also a school present in center astore . this school is also primay level school and co education.

6. CMP Dadu jail

This is also a school present in center astore . this school is also primay level school and co education.

7. CMP Damouser

This is also a school present in center astore . this school is also primay level school and co education.

Health center

As i have told above their are not much faclities in the district astore . but it do not that their are not any hospital in this this district. according to my search their are two main important hospitals present in this valley . i think their are also many more hospital available in this hospital . i you know about any new please share with us in the comment section so we will upate the post with new record.

i have mentioned the the top two hospital of astore in this post that are given below .

1. DHQ Hospital Astore

this is the most famous hospital present in the center astore all the people from all over the astore carry their patient to this hospital for treatement.

2. Civil Hospital Astore

this is another very famous hospital . as their are not much hospital in this valley so the the is a huge crowd you will find in the both hospitals .

Tourist points

i have created a post about the tourist points in astore in the site . which is only about the beautiful places of astore. in this post i have generally added the names the most beautiful palces . if you like to check the whole content about each tourist point you have to check that post in this site. i will not again explain each tourist point again here . this will become a copy of another post . but the name of beautiful palces are given below.

list of beautiful palces present in astore.

1. Rupal base camp astore

2. Tarshing astore nanga parbat view point

3. Allah wali jheel

4. Doeosai bara pani

5. Minimarg

6. Rama astore

7. Qamri astore

8. Rainbow lake astore

9. Rama lake astore

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