Best And Cheap Hotel - Park hotel in Gilgit

Best And Cheap Hotel - Park hotel in Gilgit


Park hotel is the most beautiful hotel present in kashort gilgit. When you cross from kashort road near park area. Just see the park hotel from outside . you will become much impress. Just its beauty is not it property their all the features available for you which you like.


Hotel management

The management system of this hotel is very strong . the owner and all the workers in this hotel are very talented guys . they know how to manage their task .



Park hotel is look very cool in summer and very hot in winter for visitor . because they enjoy their in this hotel good. And they have much recourse in this hotel which they enjoy. Their is wide green garden full of flower and beautiful tree in park hotel which is very attractive of visitors.



park hotel provide too many resource for their gusts.

1. Wide room .

2. Wifi connection.

3. Tv for connection.

4. Cable connection for free.

5. Sofa system .

6. Single bad room.

7. Double bad room.

8. Triple bad room.

9. Standard menu .

 Their are many more resource you will find.



Their are many resource of entertainment for gusts in park hotel. A beautiful garden inside the hotel . a very beautiful and the most wide park which is also know as city park present outside the park hotel. Wifi availability .fresh room and much more .




As we describe that the is very famous hotel and a very big hotel in kashort gilgit baltistan. So the management system of this hotel is very high. The security system in this hotel is much secure .



We know that internet is now becomes the part of our life . we use internet day and night. Look like we use food to live as well as internet also become the part of our life we use it all over the day and as well as night . according to the need this resource is also available in park hotel which is free for all the people .



The visitor and gust who goes for tours for most time . they like wide room and fresh with full resource . according to the visitor need and gusts need . the room of this hotel are made much wider so that three peoples can freely live in a single room with out any tension.



For those gusts who like to goes to the near area for visit and to see . they can pick a rent car and a texi from the near road . the people of this hotel will help them to do this .


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