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Popular Shops in Hunza

 it is know that hunza is the most beautiful place of gilgit baltistan . every year many visitors form all over the world comes to hunza for tour. Secondly the people of hunza are very intelligent and they know the value of business . so most people of hunza do business that may a small business or a big.


Today in this post we will talk about different shopping centers present in hunza. Their are many shopping centers in hunza some are so big some a small too. These shopping centers are about different product and different brands.


List of popular shop in hunza

1. Utility store ali abad

2. Hunza arts museum

3. Orignal north gems

4. Hunza shawls

5. Hunza wood arts

6. Hunza weaving center

7. Hunza leather of threads

8. Hunza store ali abad

9. Ahmad garments

10. Hunza white house

11. Amin stationary shop

12. Hunza souvenir art

13. Hunza himalayan dry fruit

14. Beautiful hunza dry fruit





1. hunza arts museum

This is famous shop in hunza which contain different arts or designed products . in this shop thier are different types of old fashioned thing are present for sale .this shop is present in karim abad hunza.

It also konw as antique store.


2. Orignal north gems

This is also very famous shop in hunza . this is a jewelry shop . their are all type of jewelry present in this shop .some a more expensive and some are in cheep price. Some are old fashion and so are in new designed .

This shop is present in karim abad hunza.

3. Hunza shawls

It is a souvneir store present in hunza . you will find all new and old type of product present in this shop . this shop is present in karim abad hunza.


4. Hunza wood art

This is another souvenir store present in hunza . thier are all type of arts and products present in this shop. This is the famous shop and it is present in karim abad hunza



5. Hunza weaving center

This is a famous weaving center present in the karim abad hunza. Most type of new product are present in this center and many peoples from all over the hunza visit to this shop.


6. Hunza leather of threads

This is very popular shop in hunza. Their are many products in this  shop

Some are in new fashioned and some are old. Some are imported products and some are exported products present in this shop.

This is a famous shop present in karim abad hunza baltit 

7. Hunza store

It is a very famous store present in ali abad hunza. It is a dry fruit store . their are all type of dry fruit present in this shop . some fruit are from different place but all  type of north side fruits are present  in this shop.



8. Ahmad garments

This is very famous shopping center in hunza . it is know as ahmad garments all type of clothe are available in this shop. For young people and for small boy and for old peoples as well. Peoples from all over the hunza comes to this garments for shopping . and it is present in ali abad hunza.

9. Amin stationary hunza

This is a stationary shop present in ali abad hunza . all type of stationary related products are available in this shop like book of different class and note book for different class . and unifom for children of different etc product are available here.



10. Hunza souvenir arts 

This is a art shop and their aer different type for new and old products present for sale . this is famous store present in karim abad hunza.

11. Hunza himalaya dry fruits herbs

This is famous grocery store . this is present in the main chook of karim abad road. Their are also different dry fruit present in this shop for sale . and their are also different type of herbs present in this shop.


12. Beautiful hunza dry fruit 

It is a famous dry fruit shop . it is present in karim abad hunza. Their are many type of dry fruits for sale in this shop some dry fruit are from different areas of pakistan are also here for sale,



13. Mountain equipment shop 

This is an outdoor clothing and equipment shop . this shop is present in karim abad hunza. Their are different type of product present in this shop for sale.


14. Utility store ali abad

This is the most famous and very popular shopping mall in hunza. It is a very big utility store . all type of product are available here for the customer . the product includes all the house need substances and items .

It is very best shop for buying a product . we can buy all the products in cheep price as compare to the other shops .

This is famous shop is present in the main bazar of ali abad hunza.


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