Schools present in Gupis, Ghizer

list of schools present in Gupis ,Ghizer

Gupis is present in ghizer in the north of pakistan in the division gilgit in the gilgit baltistan.gupis is a very beautiful valley covered with mountain with every where. And the natural beautiful of gupis also very attractive.

If we talk about the education system in gupis of school students. Their are many school present in gupis . some of school in gupis are govt school and most schools in gupis are private school .

Today we will talk about the list of few school present in the gupis . I have added few school in the below list and describe about them in below . I now I did not have added all the school of gupis .

If you are from gupis and you know about more school of gupis more then the blow list . contact us so that we update the post according to the new update.



List of few school in gupis are:


1. Nef school baltam

1. Govt girls schools

2. Diamond jublee high school gupis

3. Govt boys high school gupis

4. Govt primary school hammardas

5. Govt girls middle school

6. Diamond jublee school hamardas




1. NEF school baltam gupis

“NEF” mean National education foundation . this is a popular school of gupis . it is present in baltam Gupis . most students from all over the gupis region come to this school for study. This is secondary school . so the students form primary leve to secondary level can come to study here . this is a govt school .this branches of this school is present in most area of “gilgit baltistan”.



2. Govt girls schools

We know that in every area of pakistan their be a one govt school for girls and another for boy . mean in most areas of pakistan but in some place they are lack of this resource.

Like all for the girl of gupis their is also a govt school present in gupis  . this institute is present very near to fouji foundation in gupis.

This school offer education for primary level to middle level and after passing their matriculation the student goes to near areas for study .

And to get the high education.



3. Diamond jublee high school gupis

This is a private school of gupis valley . it is also a famous school . the branches of this schol is also present in every where gilgit. In gupis it is present in centers gupis .

This institute offer education from primary to the middle level students.


4. Govt boys high school gupis

Their is another govt school present in gupis . it is a govt school for the boy . most student from all over the gupis valley come to this school for study . becaue in their near area their are primary school .and when a student pass the primary level or primary level class he come to the govt middle school present in the center gupis.



5. Govt primary school hammardas

In hammardas their is a govt school . it is co education institute. This school offer education for only primary level. And those student who passed their primary level education from this school or institute he she goes to the near institute or a school for study their middle class education.


6. Govt girls middle school

This is another govt school . this is present in gupis . this is only for girls. This is a middle school .which offer education to the matriculation level  and when the student pass their middle level education. Most of the student goes to a city for study high and some students goes to near areas for study due to the lack of resource.


7. Diamond jublee school hamardas

This is a private school present in hamardas gupis. The name of this institute is   “”Diamond jublee school “” . this school offer education for primary level to the middle level . most student form the hamardas come to this school for study .

But those student facing ecnomic problems goes to the govt school hamardas for the education . after the students passing their middle level education they goes to the near areas for study .


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