Seven National Banks In Gilgit

these are the total number of total national banks present in gigit

For your information if you do not know their are many social medial platforms which make our work easier to search for a banks.

like the national bank page in Facebook for different area. Accounts in Instgram about national bank . like these all twitter is also a very useful platform . or most people also search in for different products and their needs .

Like Google , yahoo an MSN are also very famous search engine.and most people make Youtube their helper to search a bank or any thing easy and and this is the easiest way .


National Bank is the most famous banks in all over the Pakistan. Most peoples of Pakistan use this bank to store their money . the main branch of national bank is present in Karachi.

In every city of Pakistan their are many national banks which are few far away from each other . this is because the people can get a bank easy and fast to connect and contact.


A person can create different types of accounts in National bank .but most peoples create these type of accounts

1. Student account

2. Business account

3. Personal account

4. Asaan account



In gilgit baltistan their are many national banks situated in different in area of gilgit. Today we will talk about the national bank present in different in areas of gilgit baltistan.





1. National Bank   In Nli Market

This is the branch of national bank which present in the NLI market of gilgit baltistan. To reach in this branch come the second gate of NLI .and enter the NLI bank and turn toward your right side the bank is present very near to you.


2.National Bank In Kashrot

The kashort branch of National banks is present very near to the airport road gilgit.  It is also very near to the shaheen hotel which is also present in airport road gilgit.


3. National Bank In Jutial

The jutial branch of National bank is present between the zalfuqar abad chook and the radio Pakistan chook. It is very near to the NCC college present in jutial and it also very near to family health present in jutial gilgit.



4. National Bank In Raja Baza

The branch of national bank is present in the gilgit Om Phari . in om phari this banks is present in raja bazar gilgit.


5.National Bank In Karakoram International    University

In karakoram international university their is also national banks present .due to its usage the branch of national bank also built in near karakoram international university. In karakoram international university the national bank is present in the third gate . in the third gate this bank is present in the right side.


6. National Bank In Kono Das

7. National bank is also present in Kono Das gilgit. In kon das it is  present

very near to the main chook of kon das . and  their is also another bank very

near to it that is sonari bank.


8. National BanK  In Danyor

National bank is also present in danyor . In danyor it is present in the main chook of danyor. Their are many other banks present in the main chook of danyor . some of other banks in danyor main chook are sonari banks  , Habib Bank Limited , Habib Metro Bank  and Karakorm coprative banks .



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