The Military Schools And Tranning Centers In Abbottabad

all militry school and tranning center and regiments present in the abbottabad.

Abbottabad  is the home of pak army . Their are many tranning center of pak army . Their are many school present in the abbottabad  which are processed under the pak army . Their are many regiment working in abbottabad . Today in this post we have added all the military schools present in the abbottabad . We have tried our best to include all the tranning center and school related to the military in this post.

If you found any type of error in this post kindly inform us about it by using the comment section. The list of few military school anc other centers are given below with detial.


List of military school is abbottabad

1. Army school physical training abbottabad

2. Army school of music abbottabad

3. Pakistan military academy abbottabad

4. Regimental training centers of the pakistan army abbottabad

5. Army medical corps amc abbottabad

6. Baloch regiment br abbottabad

7. Frontier force regiment abbottabad


1. Army school physical training abbottabad

Army school physical training is the most famous tranning center of abbottabad . This schools is processed by pak army . In abbottabad  this famous school is present in the kukul which is also the famous city of abbottabad . And their is a railway station present very near to this school which is know as havelian railway station. In early this school was named as army school of mountain welfare but in latter then school named was changed to army school physical training .





2. Army school of music abbottabad

Army school of music is the most famous school for learning music. This is a famous school of abbottabad . This school is processed by the pak army . Haris pervaiz is the network manger of this school.




3. pakistan military academy Abbottabad


pakistan military academy is the most important and very famous school and acadmy for the student who like like to join the PMA. In these time all students like to join the Pak Army as a officer not as a soilder . and those student who pass their test comes to this school for tranning .


This school is present in the kukul in Abbottabad . This is very famous and very early established school . this school was builed in 1947 .


To get addmission in this academy the student have to follow the stricts rules of the academy . like the graduation degree student having sixty percent result can apply apply to PMA. The intermedicate student having fifty percent mark can apply to PMA.

Secondly the strict rules are the student and the applicant should be unmarried .and the age should not be more then twenty two years.
for any task the contact number of the help cente of PMA is (052) 4350272






4. Regimental training centers pakistan Army Abbottabad


Regimental training centers of the pakistan Army is another very famous tranning center for the new student who like joined the Pak Army . regimental training centers of the pakistan is present in the kuklu in Abbottabad  . this is very the most famous tranning center the pakistan military academy center of Abbottabad .for the education purpose the center is connected with the NUST institute which is the most famous educational institute of our pakistan.

The contact number of this academy is (052) 4350272




5. Army medical corps AMC Abbottabad


Army medical corps AMC is another very famous medical crops present in Abbottabad  . this is also managed by the Pak Army . this famous college was established in the 1977 .

If you like to get addmission in this center the you have to follow few strict rules of the institute like the martial status should be unmarried . and only male can apply to the test and join it. And teh age limit should minimum twenty and maximum twenty six. And the citizen of pakistan like also from gilgit and kashmir student can apply for test here.



6. Baloch regiment BR Abbottabad


Baloch regiment BR Abbottabad  is another very famous military regiment or tranning center present in the Abbottabad . This is the modern regiment and this regiment was established in the 1956.




7. Frontier Force Regiment Abbottabad


Frontier force regiment Abbottabad  is another very famous regiment of pakistan Army in Abbottabad . It say that this regiment contain sixty two and more battaliions . this regiment contain motorised and machnised infantry battaliions. This regiment is also shortly knowns as FF regiment Abbottabad .


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