BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GILGIT BALTISTAN . Its Northern region having spectacular destinations that will captur
Have you ever thought that the terrain of every country differs enormously? Mother nature shows its different colors in different countries. Pakistan is full of breathtaking and enchanting places, especially best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan.

Gilgit Baltistan is like a paradise no matter which season you choose to travel. Its Northern region having spectacular destinations that will capture your heart. Take a look at some of the incredible and brimming best places to visit in Gilgit-Baltistan you should explore. Similarly, there are many spots for camping, trekking, hiking, skiing, trophy hunting, amazing historical places. Tourists from all over the world are attracted to Gilgit-Baltistan due to its enchanting beauty.

Here We suggests some of the best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan. Don’t forget to read other parts of the blogs about beautiful Ghizer and Astor valley.

    The fascinating Naltar valley, the best place to visit in Gilgit Baltistan

    Mesmerizing Naltar valley

    A perfect escape from the busy, bustling city life. Naltar valley is well known for its beauty and its lakes. It is the most visiting area for travelers across the silk road. People believe that it is the true paradise. That’s why every year more than fifty thousand visitors come to see its beauty and enjoy their summer holiday season. The valley an all-weather tourist destination. In winter the site is also very famous for skiing. In summer enjoy lush green landscaping and lake view. A rescued snow leopard in a wildlife sanctuary is an exciting opportunity to see a snow leopard in the wild.

    The beauty of Naltar gives one a sense of peace, tranquility, and wholeness, away from the worries of life and it is one of best place to visit in Gilgit Baltistan .

    Fascinating lakes at Naltar valley one of best spot of GB:

    There are three Beautiful lakes in Naltar Valley known as Naltar lakes.
    Firstly Satrangi Lake the lakes are surrounded by dense pine forests. Whereas in winter it’s almost impossible to reach these lakes with any vehicles due to heavy snow.
    Second is Blue star lake the distance from Rainbow Lake to blue star lake is Approximately 1 Km North of Rainbow Lake. The quality of this lake is that its color is completely blue and the depth is very deep.
    Third is Bodroko Lake means dusty black lake. However Bodroko lake is located at a distance 0f 15Km from Naltar Bale. Well it is situated at the top of Kottay.

    Explore the Naltar valley and lakes with us, experience some of the best cultures of Northern Pakistan in Hunza, and discover the borders of our homeland at Khunjerab!

    Hunza Valley best spots in Gilgit Baltistan

    Hunza is one of the most stunning places in Pakistan. The valley is famous for its culture, tradition, and natural beauty. It has also an important historical background which attracts tourists from all over the world. The place is divided into three parts: Upper Hunza, Lower Hunza, and Central Hunza.

    The Hunza valley is famous for towering mountains like Rakaposhi. In addition to that Khunjarab pass connects Pakistan with China. Whereas Karakoram Highway is known as the 8th wonder of the world.
    Karimabad Hunza better place for visit in Gilgit Baltistan

    Karimabad is the capital of Hunza. It is well-known for its history. This town gives the most ancient look because of its stones made of houses and streets. Here are some of the famous landmarks in Karimabad are:

    Baltit Fort perfect place for visit in Gilgit Baltistan

    Baltit Fort captured by Imtiaz Ahmed

    If you are in the mood to explore Hunza then walk up to the fort. Baltit Fort is a fun, historic, and scenic place to see in Hunza. It is situated in Karim Abad, in Hunza. This is a 700-year-old fort and is well kept and maintained with time. The fort had restore in (1990-96) by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture . The Tibetan style of architecture is a great example of strategic importance for both defense and management. Fort provides a stunning and comprehensive view of the valley below.

    The Baltit fort gives the wonderful view of Hunza from Baltit fort. Also, the view of Rakaposhi is seen from the terrace of the fort. Tourists may visit Hunza in any season. For artistic view visit Hunza in cherry and apricot blossom season in April. As well as in October during the Autumn season. There are different types of shops around the fort that sell handicraft, jewelry, and other handmade stuff.

    Altit Fort best location for visit in Gilgit Baltistan

    Historic Altit fort Hunza

    Altit fort is one of the most amazing architectural structures of its time. It is a 900 years old fort at Altit town in Hunza. This astonishing Altit Fort was built by the Mirs of Hunza as a display of power to the Mirs of Nagar. It is an amazing Cultural heritage of Hunza Gilgit Baltistan. Later on, the Aga Khan Foundation maintain the fort and represented as a museum. The best way to visit the fort is to hire a tour guide. He will tour every portion of the fort. As well as explains in detail the history and items present in the fort. One may be amazed after watching this beautiful Place.

    Eagle Nest Duiker right place for visit in Gilgit Baltistan

    Eye caching view of sunset at Duiker Hunza

    To experience the spectacular sunrise and sunset of the Lady Finger Peak and Rakaposhi Peak. Then the best places where you can enjoy it is from Duiker Hunza. It is a small town famous as Duiker Eagle Nest. Tourist can magnificent views of all the Hunza. It is 30 minutes drive from the capital of Hunza Karimabad to Duiker.

    Blue magical Attabad lake Hunza

    Fascinating Attabad lake Hunza

    Attabad Lake was a result of massive Natural landslide in January 2010. Since then it has become a major tourist point in GB. As the mountain of Karakoram range is surrounded by the lake so it maximizes the natural beauty of the lake. Along with that, the blue color of this amazing lake fascinates an enormous number of tourists in this region. Tourists may also delight in many innumerable activities. Like fishing, boating, and jet skiing in Summer. All though in winter the lake freezes. Freezing water creates an astonishing view.

    Gulmit valley:

    Tremendous Gulmit valley

    Gulmit valleys are an important tourist destination for Hunza. Here you can find great colors of nature. The panoramic view of the entire valley and the Passu cone is very fascinating. Passu Cones is another must-go place to visit in Gilgit-Baltistan. God blessed the Passu valley with a beautiful glacier which includes:

    One of attractive visiting point is Passu Glacier :

    Passu Glacier is pinpoint on the south side of “Passu village”. Passu is also known as the home of Glaciers. This glacier is interconnect with Batura Glacier and many other glaciers in these regions. Tourists may easily access the glaciers. You can plan the hiking trip.

    Cool best trip spot is Batura Glacier:

    Batura Glacier located in the Passu valley. Batura is the 5th longest Glacier outside the polar regions. Its length is about 57km and spread over 285 sq. km. Its average height is 3800m. It is also famous for trekking.

    Hussaini Bridge

    If you are a thrill-seeker then you must visit Hussaini Bridge in Hunza. It is one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. The bridge is exceptionally old and also narrow. The bridge is 660 feet long and has 472 wooden planks. Well, the distance between two steps is a minimum of one foot. There are no safety measures, no coast guards. If someone slipped and fell in the river there is no one to help . And no chance of finding the dead body. The Hunza River is so cold and harsh that it takes a breath in seconds. Despite all the dangerous facts we mentioned. The locals from Hunza have to travel across this scary bridge with huge amounts of loads on their backs for their livestock. Visitors from all around the world come to visit the famous Hussaini Bridge.

    Most wonderful in GB is Borith Lake

    Borith Lake capture by Imtiaz Ahmed local wildlife photographer

    It is place in Gulmit, Upper Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. Borith Lake is 2,600 meters (8,500 ft). above sea level. It is tuck in between two glaciers, the Passu Gar Glacier and the Gulkhin Glacier. You may also experience the incredible green-blue-colored water glittering in the bright sunlight. There are dry and rocky mountains around the lake. Borith Lake is the homeland of different types of birds. So tourists can enjoy natural views of those birds in the lake. Also, capture stunning pictures and take a boat ride across the lake. Here you may also experience trekking up the Passu Glacier.

    Eye caching view of Borith lake

    Here we suggest you visit these valleys as well.
    Shimshal Valley
    Chipursan Valley
    Misgar Valley

    The Amazing Khunjerab National Park best place for tourist to visit in Gilgit Baltistan

    Remarkable fauna in Khunjarab National Park

    Khunjerab National Park is consider one of the highest altitude parks in the world. Moreover, the national park is approximately 4,693 m (15,397 ft.) above sea level. It is located in the region of Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. The park is home to many remarkable but endangered faunas like the Snow leopard, Marco Polo sheep, brown bears, and Himalayan Ibex.

    The main road between Pakistan and China passes through the National park. Tourists can experience a great road trip here and it’s an amazing place to see wildlife. We advise that bring a camera along with you so that you may capture the beauty of the National park. On the other hand, at high altitudes travelers face low oxygen problems, headaches, and dizziness. Take a good sleep before traveling to the chilly weather of Khunjerab. Another piece of advice is to keep eating and try to enhance appetite. Traveling to Khunjerab National Park can maximize experiences and minimize worries.

    The terrain of GB is bless with glorious beauty of nature

    There is no doubt that Gilgit Baltistan is a spectacular region of Pakistan. In every sense, It has amazing geography and breathtaking beauty in this terrain. Gilgit Baltistan is the region where the world’s most famous mountain meets like the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush, the Karakorum, and the Pamir. When you travel to GB you will witness wonderful glaciers, eye-catching lakes, thundering waterfalls, and diversified culture. That’s why people from all over the world attract from GB. Above all to mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, and also for Trophy haunting. So what are you waiting for?
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