How To Do A Product List With Pictures In Excel

How To Do A Product List With Pictures In Excel

A product listing process would involve going through each item and taking note of how many units you have on hand and what type they are. You should then take a picture of each unit and categorize them based on their size, shape, color, etc. In order to get started, you first need to have a spreadsheet set up. You can use any spreadsheet software that works best for you. Once you have set up your spreadsheet, you can start taking inventory of your items.

How To Do A Product List With Pictures In Excel

 Inventory Spreadsheet Template

 The easiest way to make a spreadsheet template is to go online and download a template. There are several websites where you can find these templates. 

Create Your First Sheet

 Once you have downloaded the template, open it up and create a blank sheet. If you want, you can name the file something like “Product List” or anything else that may fit well for you. Then, start adding your products in rows, starting at A1. Each row should contain the title of the product, its quantity (Qty), and whether it is a consumable or non consumable. After you finish making your first sheet, save it somewhere safe and keep working on the rest of your sheets.

 Make Additional Sheets

 As you continue to work on your inventory, you will probably notice that you need to add additional sheets. This is because you will need to track things like price, expiration dates, and other information related to your products. When you have finished adding your sheets, save them again and continue on with the process.

 Take Pictures

 Now that you have completed your spreadsheet, it is time to take pictures of your products. For this step, you just need a camera, phone, tablet, or any device that takes pictures. Start taking pictures of each item, including the front, back, sides, and bottom. Continue taking pictures until you feel that you have taken enough pictures to represent the entire item.

 Categorize Items

 After you have taken your pictures, it is now time to begin organizing your items. Go through each product and label it with a category. You may decide to do this for yourself or have someone else help you out. Regardless of who helps you out, make sure that you write down the categories and corresponding descriptions. You should also write down the number of units you have in stock for each category. As you complete this step, you will eventually have a master list that contains all of your products.

 Clean Up Your Spreadsheet

 At this point, you should have your spreadsheet organized properly. However, if you find that it doesn't look good enough, you can always clean it up. You can either delete everything and start over or you can edit the existing data. Make sure that you only edit the data that you changed earlier.

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