Why Is Not My Product Showing On My Edit Page

Why Is Not My Product Showing On My Edit Page

This may seem like a simple question, however, I have been struggling with it since last week. My product was shown on my edit page description until yesterday morning, then suddenly disappeared. There were no changes in any settings, nor did i make any changes to the product's attributes. However, after some research, I discovered that if we are using custom attribute fields, the attributes won't show on our product's edit page descriptions. So I thought it would be good to share how to add these custom fields to your products.

Custom Attribute Fields

You'll notice two types of fields here - 'Add New' and 'Existing'. Add New fields allow you to create new custom attributes and Existing fields let you select existing custom attributes. Each field type comes with its own set of options that you can customize. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 - Select Attribute Type

Select either 'Text' or 'Number' depending on whether you want to use text or number input fields. If you choose 'Text', you can enter values directly in the field. If you choose Number, you need to fill in numerical values first before adding them to the field.

Step 2 - Choose Field Label

Enter the name of the field you want to display on your product's Edit Page Description.

Step 3 - Specify Required Value

If you want the user to enter a value in this field, select 'Yes'. Otherwise, leave this option blank.

Step 4 - Set Default Value

Set the default value for the product. This is what appears in the field when a product is created or edited. To do this, click on the drop-down arrow beside the field label and select a value.

Step 5 - Set Display Order

You don't necessarily have to put this field at the top of the list of attributes. Just drag the desired field to the top of the list.

Step 6 - Save Changes

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