Amazon Senior Product Manager Salary

Amazon Senior Product Manager Salary , Amazon employs thousands of people worldwide and hires them for different roles. The company has its own wareho

Amazon employs thousands of people worldwide and hires them for different roles. The company has its own warehouses where employees pick, pack, ship, and deliver orders. A lot of these jobs require workers to work long hours, even well past midnight. There are also customer service representatives who answer questions about products and services. Many of these jobs do not require a college degree. However, some have advanced degrees and others have professional certifications.


Amazon Senior Product Manager Salary

 Amazon's Headquarters

 located in Seattle, Washington the headquarters of Amazon is called Amazon HQ2. The city was picked because it is an area of business opportunity for Amazon. It's close to major highways to make shipping goods easier. The city offers many amenities to the employees including plenty of green space.

 Employees At Amazon Earn High Paychecks

 Many employees at Amazon enjoy high salaries. The average salary for a full-time employee in 2017 was $98,000. Since the beginning of 2018, the company has hired a number of top executives and managers. These senior management positions often pay higher salaries than typical employees.

Amazon Senior Product Manager Salary

The calculated total pay for a Senior Product Manager at Amazon is $288,684 per year by amazon. This counts represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay  as well secondly Estimate model and based on salaries are collected from the users. The estimated base pay is $167,751 per year as per calculation. The estimated additional pay is $120,933 per year approximately.

 Amazon Provides Healthcare To Their Employees

 All employees working for the company receive medical coverage. Furthermore, Amazon offers dental plans and vision insurance. Amazon also pays half of the premiums for eligible employees' children up until they turn eighteen. In addition, Amazon contributes to the cost of employees' childcare. For parents who need help caring for their kids while they're at work, Amazon also provides daycare facilities.

 Workers Get Free Food And Drinks

 Amazon provides snacks and beverages for their employees during work time. On any given day, employees can select from over 200 foods and drinks. There are also cooking classes offered if someone wants to learn how to prepare meals.


Amazon Hires Contractors For Seasonal Work

 Some employees work for Amazon throughout the year. However, others only work seasonally. Seasonal workers are involved with activities like warehouse picking and packing. Those workers are hired based on their skills and experience. The company also offers opportunities for those who want to become permanent employees.


Amazon Uses Technology To Improve Efficiency

 Technology helps the company operate efficiently. One example of this includes using autonomous vehicles. Self driving vehicles allow for employees to focus on other tasks rather than driving. Other technologies used include facial recognition software and robotics. These technologies help employees stay organized and save time.

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