Complete Detail About Google Pixelbook 12Inch

The Google Pixelbook is a 12-inch, dual-boot Android and Chrome OS laptop. It runs on Intel Core processors, has dual cameras and comes with a stylus for note-taking and drawing. The Pixelbook is a high-end device with a premium price tag. Does the Pixelbook live up to its lofty price? Or does it fall short of its potential due to subpar hardware or software issues? In this review, we'll cover all the details on the Google Pixelbook to give you an in-depth look at this powerful machine.

Complete Detail About Google Pixelbook 12Inch

complete detail about google pixelbook 12inch

The Google Pixelbook is a well-built, yet expensive laptop. It's much sturdier than most 12-inch laptops and features Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on both the display and keyboard. That said, the Pixelbook is still primarily made of plastic, which gives it a reasonably cheap feel but isn't as durable as glass. At 0.84 pounds, the Pixelbook's weight is also on the light side for a 12-inch laptop. However, users who want a lightweight laptop will be glad to know that the Pixelbook only measures 0.6 inches thickness. In fact, many users will find this machine to be fairly portable due to its light weight and slim dimensions.

The Google Pixelbook's build quality is great for its price. The interior of the Pixelbook feels nice and soft, yet solid in construction. The trackpad moves smoothly and the buttons are firm without being stiff or harsh to click. The textured aluminum finish on the exterior gives the device an expensive look and feel that you don't usually find in this price range. In addition, the Pixelbook's ports are in optimal locations for easy product use without causing discomfort or delays while using them. The USB Type-C port is on the left side for charging, plugging in peripherals and transferring data and files between devices, while the two USB Type-A ports are on the right side for connecting external drives or printers without having to unplug the USB Type-C cord first. Now that's some serious consideration for user convenience!

The Google Pixelbook runs on 64GB of RAM with 8GB of onboard storage. Onboard storage is nowhere near full with only 64GB available; however, you can easily expand this by up to 256GB via an SD card slot. As far as performance goes, the Google Pixelbook performs well for its price range. Inside lies an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of solid state storage space. This combination gives you plenty of power for multitasking, running programs, creating documents and more without any issues whatsoever. In fact, many resourceful users will be able to run even more demanding tasks like video encoding or 3D modeling thanks to how fast this setup runs!

The Pixelbook pen allows you to take notes and annotate digital documents easily. It has two buttons along with a stylus tip that allows you to draw or write directly onscreen just like a regular pen would. The stylus automatically shifts colors as you move closer or farther from your screen; this makes it easy to see where you've drawn lines without straining your eyes or changing color schemes manually. In addition, there are two capacitive touch buttons below the stylus tip that let you navigate menus and interact with apps within Chrome OS efficiently using your fingers instead of stylus tips. All in all, using the Google Pixelbook Pen feels great!

Despite its drawbacks, the Google Pixelbook is still worth considering if you want a high-end Chrome OS laptop with exceptional build quality and versatility for note-taking or creative works such as artistic creation or design work or presentations or development work or programming work or gaming work or photography work or video editing work or audio editing work or video production work or editing work or social media management work or community management work or media management work or data analysis work or market research work or customer relationship management

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