Fedex Technical Services Representative I Salary

 As the world's largest express delivery company, FedEx delivers an astonishing number of packages every day. TSRs work closely with supervisors and other employees to ensure that all packages reach their destinations on time. Every day, technical representatives (TSRs) work to troubleshoot delivery issues, provide customer service and assist in the loading and unloading of packages. In addition, they resolve complaints and provide shipping forecasts to plan daily tasks.

Fedex Technical Services Representative I Salary

Fedex Technical Services Representative I Salary

The estimated total pay for a Technical Service Representative at FedEx is $66,522 per year. As a TSR, you'll need a certain level of education and experience to become part of the team. Your education should involve hands-on training with real-life projects and assignments. In addition, you should complete at least two years of experience working as a part-time driver or as an assistant manager in a shipping company before applying for a job with FedEx. Once hired, you'll work closely with your supervisor on your training schedule and job performance. Every day you'll be called upon to handle calls from irate customers and troubleshoot problems with deliveries. You'll also need to present accurate reports to your supervisor on your training progress and any problems encountered during daily tasks.

TSRs receive a base salary along with compensation for their time and effort through bonuses and reimbursement. If additional compensation is needed, TSRs can seek out overtime or bonuses through the Allowance for Extra Compensation (ADE) program. This program reimburses TSRs for the cost of their college education or other expenses after they've applied for their jobs. In addition, you can seek reimbursement through the College Cost Reduction Program (CCRP). Through CCRP, you can apply after you've successfully paid for college tuition using your yearly salary deduction from FedEx.

As a technical representative, you'll be responsible for handling all customer issues via phone, email or in person. You'll also prepare reports on shipping forecasts that customers can download from the company website. Each month, you'll be required to attend training courses on new computer software and trends in shipping that will help improve your skills as a professional. Your duties will vary based on which type of customer support needs you possess- from processing shipments to resolving complaints about delayed package delivery.

Becoming a technical representative is an excellent way to pursue a successful career in transportation or IT field without having to learn how to drive a truck or operate computer systems. All daily tasks require good speaking and listening skills as well as strong management skills- skills that come from working under a supervisor's watchful eye. TSRs must always remain professional while assisting frustrated customers with any problem they may have when receiving their deliveries.

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