Information About Insteel Wire Products

Insteel wire products are the perfect solution for growers who wish to keep their crops clean, tidy, and free of unwanted debris. A variety of styles and sizes are available, and they're commonly used for keeping buds out of hard surfaces, like countertops, tables, and shelves. These wires come in various lengths and diameters, making them ideal for any type of grow setup. If you're looking to keep your bud crop clean and tidy without having to use chemicals, these wires are a great choice.

Insteel Wire Products

 2. Grow Wire - 10' Long

 Grow Wire - 10' Long (10ft)

 The grow wire comes in an elegant black design and can be hung wherever you need it, whether indoors or out. You can easily remove it if you want to move it to a different location or set it aside temporarily. The length of the wire is 10 feet long.

 3. Grow Strainer - 12'' x 20' Long - Blue

 Grow Strainer - 12"x20" Long - Blue

 This grow strainer features two holes at each end, along with a handle that makes it easier to hang. Hang it over a drain hole to catch excess water drainage and prevent it from getting back onto your plants. This grow strainer is designed specifically to hold your plants away from hard surfaces.

 4. Grow Strainer 24"x30" - Black

 Grow Strainers 24"x30" Black

 Hang this grow strainer above your plants for optimal air circulation and to protect them from direct sunlight. Use it in conjunction with a grow tent to block out UV rays. The clear plastic material lets light pass through while blocking out harmful rays.

 5. Grow Basket - 18\"dia - 16\" H

 Grow Baskets 18" Dia 16" High

 These baskets are the perfect way to organize smaller plant pots. Simply stack them together to create a unique shape that fits perfectly inside your grow basket.

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