Reincarnated Escort Warrior Light Novel

The Chinese epic novel Journey to the West is about a monk, his monkey incarnation and their travels in India. The novel follows the three heroes as they face off against supernatural adversaries and ultimately save their country. One of the characters in this famous story is the famous warrior Monkey King. Most people know about his skills with a mighty ax, but few know about his other talents. That's because the truth is that Monkey King is also a great leader. Here are some highlights from this classic novel to help you understand more about what makes a reincarnated warrior great.

Reincarnated Escort Warrior Light Novel

reincarnated escort warrior light novel

The main character in Journey to West is a Buddhist monk named Buddha. One day, he hears a cry for help coming from his country. King Yama has been invaded by barbarian hordes and his country is in grave danger. Buddha leaves his temple and joins the local army to fight the invaders on behalf of his king. His skill at leading troops proves instrumental in repelling the enemy and saving his country. After he returns home, Buddha learns that he has ascended to godhood as the founder of Buddhism. He continues to help his country as a reincarnated warrior hero.

A warrior's skills change based on the type of weapon he wields. In Journey to West, Monkey King uses both an ax and a sword to fight demons and barbarians. His skill with an ax is greater because it's a more brutal weapon than a sword. However, he proves himself just as capable with his sword when occasion calls for it. Monkey King proves adept at both armed and unarmed combat whenever he wields his weapons of choice. He also learns diverse skills such as diplomacy, stealth and hunting while serving as an army commander. This versatility makes him an ideal leader for any challenging task.

The negative aspects of being a reincarnated warrior hero also deserve mention here. Monkey King had to overcome many personal struggles before he could become a successful leader in Journey to West. For one thing, he was raised by an abusive father who constantly berated him for being incompetent. He also had to overcome his hatred of supernatural deities such as Yama-king-god himself- before he could ascend to heaven as the Buddha did. Through it all, Monkey King overcame his weaknesses and learned how to become a great leader in this classic Chinese novel series called Journey to the West.

A warrior must be versatile enough to excel at many tasks in life- from martial arts to leadership - without fail. The hero in Journey to West exhibited many heroic qualities, from patriotism to resourcefulness and bravery. He also had to overcome hatred by becoming strong enough to challenge deities himself- before ascending to heaven like Buddha himself did. Ultimately, Monkey King proved himself an ideal reincarnated warrior hero whether you judge him based on Journey to West or on real life history!

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