Which Resource Management Task Deploys Or Activates Personnel And Resources

 This activity focuses on identifying the major tasks involved in resource management. These tasks are then broken down further to identify specific activities associated with each task. There are several ways to approach this problem including mapping out a workflow chart, listing all tasks, recording the time spent performing these tasks, or simply writing them down. After completing the assignment, students should be able to list the primary resource management activities performed at a facility, describe their purpose, and explain how they affect the organization’s mission statement.

Which Resource Management Task Deploys Or Activates Personnel And Resources

 Identify primary tasks/activities performed by the resource manager (RM),

 Resource Management Task List are below 

  1.  Identifying the RM's responsibilities
  2.  Mapping out a Resource Management Workflow Chart
  3.  Explaining the Purpose of Each Activity
  4.  Listing Tasks in order of importance
  5.  Explaining how each activity affects the organization's mission statement
  6.  Resource Manager (RM) Job Description Assignment

Few Most Important Related Questions 

What does the RM do? What are his/her responsibilities?

Who reports directly to him/her?

What type of information does he/she need to know about the organization? 

Why does he/she perform the job? How does his/her work fit into the organization?

Who else reports to him/her? How often does he/she communicate with others? 

What is his/her title?

What is his/hers position number?

 Workflow Chart

 Resources Managers may have different titles depending on the size of the company and the scope of its operations. In small companies, the RM may just handle administrative duties, whereas in larger ones, he/she might oversee human resources, marketing, production, etc.


How many people report directly to the RM?

 Is he/she the only person who performs certain tasks? Are there any employees who report to someone higher than the RM? If so, what are their roles? Can anyone else view the RM's calendar?

 Purpose of Activities

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