Who Delivers Your Offer To The Seller

Delivering air is essential to the health of your plant whether you're using a water-based system, hydro, or soil. Most growers use some sort of pump system to increase oxygen levels throughout their grow room. You can easily find DIY kits online that will allow you to make your own air pump. There's no need to spend thousands on commercial equipment if you don't have the space. Check out our recommended air pumps below, as well as other great options like aquarium pumps, fans, fans with timers, or even the power of the wind!

Who Delivers Your Offer To The Seller

What To Deliver?

 Depending on your setup, you may need to deliver specific gases to your plant. Air is often delivered via misting systems, CO2 comes in cans or tanks, and sometimes growers use dry ice (CO2 + Dry Ice  DIO). Make sure to check your local rules regarding deliveries before opening any cans or bottles.

How Much Should I Be Delivering?

The amount of oxygen you should be delivering to your plant depends largely on how much of a grower you want to become. If you just want to start small and learn all about hydroponics, then 10-15% might be enough. However, once you get into larger grow rooms and try to produce cannabis at scale, then you'll need to double or triple your current delivery percentage. A good rule of thumb is that for every 1 square foot of surface area, you should always add 5 pounds of O2 per month to your plants needs.

How Do I Test My Delivery Rates?

To test what your current delivery rate is, take a sample of the air coming out of your pump and place it in a bottle with a few drops of distilled water. You can then measure the amount of time it takes for the water to evaporate. Once it dries out completely, you know that you're currently delivering 20%. Take a second measurement and compare the results to the first. If you notice that it took less time to dry out the water than your first measurement, then you've probably increased your current delivery rate. Just keep testing until you reach your desired goal.


How Can I Increase My Delivery Rate?

 If you're having trouble getting your plants to thrive, it could be due to a lack of oxygen. If your plant looks sickly and doesn't seem happy, it could mean that it's starving. In these cases, it would help to increase the amount of oxygen flowing into the environment. Try increasing your flow rate by 50%, doubling the duration of the runs, or simply replacing your old pump with a newer model.

Is There Anything Else That I Need to Know About Delivery?

 If you plan on doing any kind of chemical treatments or infusions, you'll need to pay attention to your delivery rates to avoid affecting the quality of your product. If you're using carbon filters, it might be best to leave them on and shut down the pump while you do your work. If you're using any type of CO2 tank, you can vent the gas into the atmosphere once you're done working.

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