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city connect jerseys padres and City Connect Jerseys are Adidas's best-selling line of basketball uniforms. Their fit, quality, and style make them t

1. City Connect Jerseys - Adidas

City Connect Jerseys are Adidas's best-selling line of basketball uniforms. Their fit, quality, and style make them the choice among top college programs, professional teams, and high school players. All City Connect Jerseys are constructed with Dri-FIT technology that wicks moisture away from the body and towards the surface where it evaporates. Every City Connect Jersey includes mesh side panels for ventilation and additional breathability. These mesh panels also help regulate temperature without restricting airflow around the neckline and arms. This helps prevent overheating and keeps athletes comfortable throughout games and practices padres city connect jersey


city connect jerseys padres

2. City Connect Uniform - Nike

Nike offers several different types of uniform designs, including their City Connect Uniforms. Similar to other City Connect brands, these uniforms feature Dri-FIT technology for superior comfort. They also include mesh side panels for ventilation.

3. City Connect Football Uniform - Nike

The City Connect Football Uniform features Dri-FIT technology to keep players warm and cool while keeping the jersey dry. These uniforms include mesh side panels for breathability and ventilation that allow the player to stay comfortable both on and off the field.

4. City Connect Basketball Uniform - Nike

The Nike City Connect Basketball Uniform features Dri-Fit technology, mesh side panels for breathable ventilation, a sleek, low profile collar and underarm ventilation system.

5. City Connect Baseball Uniform - Nike

The New Nike City Connect Baseball Uniform features Dri-FIt technology, mesh side panels, a sleek, low-profile collar and underarm ventilation.

6. City Connect Soccer Uniform - Nike

The new Nike City Connect Soccer Uniform features Dri-Fit technology. Mesh side panels provide excellent ventilation and movement.

7. City Connect Lacrosse Uniform - Nike

The NEW Nike City Connect Lacrosse Uniform features Dri-fit technology, mesh side panels and a sleek, low-cut collar. Includes lacrosse pocket.

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