Cordova Smart Class Software Complete Detail

 Cordova is a combination of open-source technologies that allow developers to create native mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Cordova empowers web developers to write code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It's not just for building apps for mobile devices - you can build desktop apps, hybrid apps, and even server-side applications.

Cordova Smart Class Software

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about developing cross platform apps - including how to use the Cordova SDK (software developer kit) to build native mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices. You'll learn how to develop responsive web pages without having to worry about different screen sizes and device capabilities. And once you've learned the basics, this course will help you take your app to the App Store and Google Play stores.

In addition to learning how to build native apps, you'll also get hands-on experience setting up your computer environment to work with these tools, installing and configuring your development tools, writing scripts and working with cloud services.

Cordova Smart Class Software Complete Detail

Cordova platform is a cross-platform mobile app framework that helps developers build native apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Its open architecture makes it suitable for different OS platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8, Tizen, and Fire tablets.

It provides access to device APIs to allow a developer to use device sensors (accelerometer, camera, location), hardware buttons, and data storage facilities. Cordova also comes with a set of plugins to enable functionality specific to each operating system.

A plugin is a collection of code written in JavaScript that adds capabilities to a web application running inside of a browser window. A Plugin's API provides methods and events that can be invoked by the calling application. Plugins are not loaded until they are actually called upon; therefore, they do not affect the size of the initial download.

Features :

* Developing a single app for all platforms

* Use built-in features for phone calls, SMS, contacts, etc.

* Use GPS for finding users' current position and tracking their movements

* Get the user's current time zone

* Access device sensors (accelerometers, gyroscope, geolocation)

* Perform image capture operations

* Take pictures

* Record audio

* Play music

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