Dahua NKB1000 Not Showing In Config Tool

Dahua NKB1000 Not Showing In Config Tool,Dahua NKB-1000 WiFi Network Camera is not only a network camera,but also a smart home security solution and m

Dahua NKB-1000 WiFi Network Camera is not only a network camera,but also a smart home security solution and monitoring system.It’s a perfect choice for home video surveillance and business security,and has many special features such as night vision,motion detection,real time HD streaming,etc.You can easily install it on your own,and connect it with a PC/Mac/mobile phone to monitor your home anytime anywhere via the Dahua APP.The camera can work 24 hours without power supply and it’s suitable for indoor use.With its unique design and powerful performance,it brings convenience and safety to your family.

Dahua NKB1000 Not Showing In Config Tool

 How to Setup Dahua NKB- 1000 Camera?

 Step 1.

Download and install the Dahua App on your Apple device (iPad/iPhone) or Android device. If your device doesn't already have the app installed,you'll need to download it first before installing the camera.

 Step 2.

Connect the camera to your computer via ethernet cable and install the driver software provided by Dahua,which normally comes with the camera.

 Step 3.

After the installation is completed,open the Dahua APP on your device to check if both devices are connected successfully.If everything looks good,click 'Camera' under 'Networks'.

 Step 4.

Click 'Add Device'. Enter the IP address of the camera(,then click OK button.

 Step 5.

Select 'IP Camera',then click 'Settings' tab. Set the correct mode according to whether you are using wireless or wired connection. To make sure your camera works well,change the resolution to 1280x720 and then click 'Save'.

 Step 6.

Go back to the Home screen,you'll find the camera now added by clicking the button on the left side of your screen.Now,turn on the camera manually by pressing the On/Off switch on the top right corner of the camera and then wait until it turns green.When it's ready,press the 'Start Recording' button on the bottom center of the front panel to start recording.

 Step 7.

To stop recording,just press the same button again to turn off the camera.Please pay attention that if you close the application while the camera is still recording,the camera may lose the data and stop working. So please keep the application open till the end of recording.

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